One light shining overhead
In this large, spacious room
She's in the lighted area with
The shadows just beyond her shoulder
And yet
The shadows attract her more
Than does the light just above her head...

Green eyes are tired but cannot find their home
Searching everywhere for some sort of map
Hoping to find a place to go...

There was a line from the inside to the out
And somehow it was cut
She's been
Her heart grown idle
And her eyes grown restless
The world around her just melts away
It's gone...
Oh, yes, it's gone...

She wanders to the outside world
To the shadows again
Staring out with those wandering spheres
The air whispers answers to
Questions she hasn't even asked...
And they just run by her and fade.


In and out of separate worlds
Reality and that which
Is not
Struggling to find a level place to rest her feet
Fighting not to drown from rains of thoughts
That pour down relentless -
A swirling flood of grays and blues...

So I apologize in advance for her.
She is but disconnected.
Let her find her place again...
Let the map bring her home.

Her green eyes look forward into the horizon,
But her body pulls her homeward.