How to Win Her Heart

What does she mean to you?
Is this lady your world?
Do you really love her true
Or is she just another girl?

Do you want her in the night,
To be there at your side?
Are you in self eternal fight
Thinking hope has died?

How to win her heart
Is not a difficult chore.
Don't let yourself depart
From a woman you adore!

Let her know immediately
What she does to you
Open her eyes! Let her see
The magic she can do.

Does she make you smile
And make your heart sing?
Would you walk a burning mile
Just for the joy she brings?

No need for material gifts
They won't sway her either way.
Change your tactics swift
Or she'll be gone some day.

Would you travel far
Just to hold her once more?
Do you wish on a falling star
That she was forever yours?

Do you hold her above the rest
And does she soothe your tears?
Is there anyone who can contest
Or shoo away your fears?

Would she shield you from disdain,
And would she be your clown
To chase away depression's pain
When you've fallen down?

Before you hit the hard ground
Does she hold out a net?
And when her soft laughter sounds
Everything else, you forget.

Do you really love this girl?
Do you want to win her heart?
If you want her in your world
Words are where you should start.