Technology Is Out To Get Me
I wish I could say
That the hole on the cover
Of this wide ruled sanctuary
Wasn't due to current circumstances
But dishonesty is just as attractive
As the other end of that receiver
Which seems to be glued to your face
But it's all good fun
When the stakes are nothing more
Than the joy of adolescence
Because who needs it anyway
When you're stuck to the routine
Of fluctuating hormones
And pre-planned excuses
You'll never escape
Because you'll never even try
But it's all good fun
The sudden lack of emotion
Isn't nearly as bad
The third time around
But I suppose you wouldn't know
And who am I to even think
I'm significant enough to speak
Of things you can't comprehend
Or begin to even handle
On top of everything else
This routine has thrown on you
I'll just stay quiet
As she fills the spot
On that lawn chair in your garage
That I was banned from long ago
Hey, that's the joy of adolescence

July 6th, 2008 10:33 PM