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d) Go cry in his bedroom and write in his diary about how mean Drake is, (1 vote. lol.)

e) Can you come up with something better? (1 vote)

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Ok now for READERS CHOICE three, "Choose a new name" a lot of readers said it was way to early on for something like that. I agree. So this one is still open until you readers think its far enough in to come up with a better one.



I was walking through the dark streets of the outer city, humming one of my band's tunes, slowly slipping in and out of the light from the trail of street lamps. I was fairly pleased with myself. I'd just been given an extension for my Suzie the Unicorn goodbye song. The cartoonists were having some trouble with their computers, so bada-bing bada-boom, the show was put on hold. I just thank God that it was. The goodbye song wasn't even close to anything worth broadcasting.

I turned the corner, and saw on the other side of the road, a group of drunks stumbling down the street. They were all laughing hysterically to themselves.

"O-Okay…Li-listen up you guys,'" I heard one of the young males shout, amongst the laughter. "I –I –I got, I got a good one right here! Listen!"

Disgusted by their rowdiness, I kept my head down, and sped up my pace. I focused my eyesight on the light grey pavement, and tried to avoid eye contact with the group. I didn't need any trouble.

"Okay… Now there were…three… no, no wait…there were two…two muffins! Two muffins in an – in an oven!" said the loud guy, slurring on every second word.

"And- And the first muffin, he turns to the second muffin and-and he says "Like dude! It's hot in here!"…ha!" There was a high pitched giggle amongst the man's female companions.

"So then-then the… the second muffin, you know, looks at-at the first… first muffin and goes: "HOLY CRAP! A TALKING MUFFIN!""

There was an eruption of drunken laughter amongst the crowd. I was somewhat less than amused. I lifted my head slightly to catch a glance at the crowd. There were about three guys, and about ten extremely slutty girls, every one of them off their faces.

I was about to put my head back down again to stare at the sidewalk, when I recognised one of the men caught my eye. I snapped my head back up and eyed the man who had just told the incredibly lame muffin joke.

"Shane!?" I said a little too loudly.

Shane turned and looked at me, and a goofy smile spread across his face.

"Hey…HEY…Kat-Kate!" he slurred.

He was a complete mess. He had one arm around a petite blond in a mini skirt, fishnet tights, and a low cut top. His other arm was drooping at his side, holding a large, half empty bottle of alcohol. Both his shaggy brown hair and his pale skin looked disgustingly greasy. He wore a pair of stained jeans, falling way too low (even for him), and he had navy hoodie, with the slogan "It's not my fault I'm awesome".

He swung his arm off the slutty blond and staggered across the road, dodging a car as he came towards me, taking a large skull from his bottle in the process.

"Shane, what are you doing?" I asked tiredly, as he walked straight past me, into a dirty brick wall. This mistake of his caused Shane to burst into a fit of laughter. He turned and come back towards me, taking another large sip from his bottle.

"Di-Did you see that!" He laughed.

"Shane!" I said a little more sternly. "What are you doing? You're never usually -

However before I had finished what I was saying he had turned back towards his group, who were all dancing around, singing to Fall Out Boy.

"Hey, Hey GUYS! GUYS! I – I'm gonna go wit-with Kate! So, PARTY ON!"

The group proceeded to shout and "woo" in his general direction, before they all staggered down the street towards the nearest nightclub.

Shane then started humming to some song I couldn't recognise, turning around himself, and sculling from his bottle as he did it.

"Shane, why are you here?"

He stopped and stared at me, eyes drooping a bit. He opened his mouth, and thinking of something to say.


I sighed and tried again.

"Shane, what the hell are you doing? I've never seen you like this before!"

There was another pause. He swayed a bit on the spot, and his eyes darted to the side and back to me. He opened his mouth again to reply.

"W-what?" he slurred, smiling.

I groaned. I can't talk to him when he's like this!

Shane then did a messy turn around, and moved uncomfortably close. Looking high up to his face, I could see that his large nose was almost touching mine. The stench of his intoxicated breath made me feel slightly ill.

"So… how about you… come back to my place?" he said in a sleazy, rehearsed manner. There was a long pause.

"Wha- what the… Ugh!" Was all I could manage to spurt out, before harshly shoving him back into the brick wall.




I felt a tight twist in my stomach as I rolled over onto my back. My head felt like someone was continuously clubbing it with a baseball bat from the inside.

What did I do last night?

"About time you woke up," I heard the familiar voice say next to me.

I pulled my heavy eyelids open, and saw that I was lying on the couch in Kate's apartment. Looking to the left I saw her curled up on the lounge chair next to me, holding a cup of coffee. She was dressed in her blue trackies, and a singlet. Her long dark red hair fell in messy curls over her shoulders.

She gazed at me in a blank, yet judgemental way. "Here," she sighed, handing me her nearly full cup of coffee.

"Thanks…" I muttered dully, lifting myself up and taking it from her. The movement made my head spin. I took a large sip, while avoiding eye contact with her.

"How much of last night do you actually remember?" she queered. I didn't answer, but focused my eyesight on a photo frame on her side table. It was of the band. Kate, Brandon, Nathan, Cassy and I, all laughing together during some crap-ass rehearsal, where we didn't actually get anything done. My large hands gripped the cup, much harder than was necessary.

How much longer would it last?

Kate sighed.

"Shane…what's wrong?"

I immediately set up the walls. I raised my eyebrows and snickered.

"What makes you think something's wrong?"

Kate paused, looking like she wasn't quite sure what to say.

"You're never usually that big a drinker." She accused. "I mean, usually you're the designated driver. You used to say that you never found any fun in getting piss-faced to the point where you're sick! I mean sure you'll have a drink here and there, but I'm guessing you had a bit more than that last night!"

I took a deep breath, turned to her and forced a smile to my mouth.

"You drink," I stated, trying to keep my voice light.

Her eyebrows rose. "We're not talking about me." Her voice was calm, yet still had the judgemental undertone.

"And what about the people you were with!?" she raved. "Those girls!? How many of them do you think actually cared about you? How many of them do you think actually had a brain?!"

"In case you didn't notice, it wasn't exactly brains I was looking for" I shot. As soon as a said that, Kate's face altered into one of utter disgust. I stared back sarcastically.

"Thanks for the coffee" I smiled, putting it down and stalking out of the apartment. I didn't stop to look at her. I guess she couldn't have been too happy. Good.

I felt slightly dizzy as I walked down the street, but still more free. I put my hands in my pockets and walked down the road, contemplating where I would go next. I had hardly had any of Kate's coffee, and I knew I had to get some in me. So I crossed the road, and moved towards the nearest city café.

Suddenly I was stopped when I heard the ring of my mobile.

I swear if that's Kate calling me…

But it wasn't. I took the phone out of my pocket and glared at the caller ID. I felt a shiver down my spine, leaving a cold numbness where it moved. This was the last person I wanted to talk too…



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I'm the first to review!! whoop!! Can this story include vampires and the main character is trying to get her head around the whole vampires exist concept. At the same time things at home are bad and she runs away unknowingly opening herself up for attack... or something like that...

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