I stand alone

Alone in my darkness

It pushes in from all sides

The pressure builds

I cannot move

I cannot speak

The darkness binds me

The darkness mutes me

The pressure builds

The glass before me

A barrier holding me in

I push against it

I fight the darkness

But I cannot win

I begin to wavor

I begin to fall

When I see you

I freeze in shock

Another in the darkness?

You wave from beyond the glass

You bekon me forward

I push against the glass

The barrier holding me in the past

I cannot break it

I try desperately

But the darkness consumes me

I begin to fall again

But you reach for me

Suddenly I realize

I cannot break the glass

I put my arms to my sides

I slowly close my eyes

I take a step forward

I feel no resistance

I take a deep breath

I take another step

As I walk the pressure weakens

When suddenly I feel your hands

I open my eyes

Your smile shatters the darkness

I look behind me

I see the glass shards fall to the floor

I watch as the darkness is swallowed by light

I turn around

No pressure builds

No deafening silence

No darkness pushes

I feel the tears dampen my cheeks

I feel the smile break across my face

You take my hand

And suddenly

I'm home