A car crashing,

A stereo blasting,

The dreams being shattered to a million sharp little pieces that I'll be cleaning up in a moment,

A shooting star,

A broken record,

Playing over and over again that song we all know but hate with all our heats,

A vacant street filled with nothingness, wall to wall empty cause everyone takes a different rout,

now that this ones gone and will never be the same;

The moon weak cause we never cut down on out electric bills,

the time we all stood still holding our breath as they let the ball drop in new york,

followed by my first kiss as a thousand fireworks rocketed in the air,

exploding into a picture was never suppose to be real.

The water bill goes up real high cause I wanted to be able to stop and smell the roses,

but I didn't care cause now i'm fine.

A shattered mirror,

A missing clock,

still ticking even though no one is there to glance at it, tell the time of day it is.

To know when they're suppose to meet who where and why for what.

A fallen tree,

An dusty, heart shaped lock,

Because some one never found key or wondered what it went to

Cause no one care where the key went or who used it

Cause no one cared about the owner of the key or where was the lock,

leaving the lock tired and lonely.

They walked on by,

the ticking of a clock, roses, fireworks, a yellow moon and past an empty street.