Vanishing Life

There's a tan-line on my wrist
where your watch used to be.
There's a kiss on your lips
from when we used to be.
There's the casings broken off
the chain where they should be.
There's your shirt in my closet
where your memory used to be.

I'm crying at the thought
of losing you.
Can't you see me weep?
Though you say we'll always be…
There's a hole in my life
where your heart used to be.

There's a slot on the shelf
where the textbook used to be.
There's a case in my bag
where my pencils should be.
There's the picture with dust
where the students used to be.
There's a time during the day
where my school life used to be.

The school year's ending now
after all these months.
Why did time have to speed?
…and they said we'd never be…
There's a hole in my heart
where my companion used to be.

There's an ache in my head
where the pleasure used to be.
There's still that side of my bed
where I thought that you should be.
There's my notebook in hand
where my writing never will be.
There's this yearning for you
where your presence used to be.

Summer's near over now
and I've got three weeks.
Why can't anyone see?
There go the plans that never can be.
There's a will to be gone
where my life—it used to be…