Your scent on my hand
your shirt in my bag,
your hands on my waist.
I can't believe
we're saying "goodbye."

We agreed on "see you later",
but it seems so far away
that I'll see you again.
The school year's ending
and I don't want to lose "us".

You promised a heater,
and I know you'll keep it.
To be together,
for the shortest time,
we'll be sneaking all summer.

Last day together,
I actually made it.
One last walk
and our time is over.
Don't say anything…please.

Laying alone,
can't get you off my mind.
The torture's too great
and the time too long.
The separation—it's killing me…

Hear your voice
I smile for a bit.
You're here, but not
and I fall asleep.
Day by day, it's easier still.

Casings around my neck,
iPod blaring loud.
What next is in store?
Jewelry—your plan.
We have lost our minds.

Did I really say it? Did you?
The unexpected arises
yet we approached fearlessly.
I think I'll try to be bold.
You're not the only one without control.

All the talk and I die.
When will I see you?
Forever is way too long for me.
Will we never find
a happy place between?

The blabbering words…
Do you get what I want to say?
…because I don't.
We parted and I lost it,
yet you're the one who cares.

Your scent's still there
and I'm holding you near.
Your shirt's clutched to my chest.
We've said our "goodbyes,"
but don't worry…

It's not our farewell.