It's been like, years but I decided to continue. I hope that this chapter is better!

Again, I took liberties with psych diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment.

Both Sides 2

By: Mizzlizdiz


"My name is Danny!"

With that statement it all made sense in Jack's head. Danny was an alter, or Billy was the alter. Billy had dissociative identity disorder, or in layman's terms, multiple personalities.

"Who are you? Why were you kissing me?" Danny demanded, eyes blazing.

"My name is Dr. Jack. Billy took me by surprise and kissed me." Jack attempted to keep his voice calm and tried to soothe. He didn't want to confuse Danny or make him angry.

Danny began to pace, quick, sharp movements, quite unlike Billy's normal demeanor.

"My head hurts. I need a cigarette," Danny stated. While his pacing was agitated, he appeared to be calming down.

"What brand?" Jack asked. He figured he could easily bum one off of someone.

Danny stilled. "Don't matter."

"I can get you one. Would you like to sit in the courtyard and talk?" Jack suggested.

Danny shrugged. "If you're getting me a cigarette." he left to meet Jack there.

On his way out of the room, Jack grabbed Billy's book of paintings. Luckily, he was able to bum a cigarette off of one of the nurses.

When he went out to the courtyard, he noted that ironically, Danny sat on the same bench that Billy favored. He was staring straight ahead, a hardness in his eyes that Billy didn't possess, a hurt. His jaw was clenched tightly, the muscles straining against his bones and flesh.

Jack handed him the cigarette and lit it for him. Danny relaxed slightly, drawing in and exhaling slowly.

"I feel like I haven't had a cigarette in months," Danny commented. In actuality, that could be the case.

"Can I ask you some questions?" Jack didn't want to push too hard.

"Whatever." Danny took a longer drag of the cigarette, heading to the filter quickly.

Jack paged through the art book. "Did you paint this?"

Danny peered over the edge and nodded.

"You like art?"

"Not the frilly shit. I like something you can look at and feel how fucked up it is."

"You can feel that looking at your work," Jack complimented.

Danny's face contorted into what could only be described as a smirk. "Thank you doctor," he sardonically drawled.

"Where you homeless before?" Jack went out on a limb and asked.

Danny's smirk disappeared to be replaced by an almost sad look. "That's how I ended up here."

"You didn't attempt to kill yourself?"

Danny snorted. "I'm not that weak."

So there was a third alter. Jack would bet that the third only came out in extreme circumstances.

Danny eyed Dr. Jack, "So are you in love with me?" he effectively turned the tables on Jack, putting him in an awkward place.

"I only knew Billy for about a week. I've only just met you." Jack liked to be truthful with clients and hoped that this conversation wouldn't turn volatile.

Danny didn't appear too confused. "The other doctor called me Billy too," a pause with exhalation of smoke, and crushing of cigarette underfoot. "There are spaces of time…I don't remember."

Jack was surprised that Danny seemed to be piecing the situation together, and even more surprising, that he was almost accepting of Jack's answer.

"Billy…he likes you?" Danny asked.

"I've only known him a short while, but we are friends."

"But you were kissing me. That's more than friendly."

"Billy kissed me," Jack replied softly.

Danny shot up from his seat and in a burst of anger yelled, "Go away! I don't want to talk to you anymore!"

Jack complied and returned to the building.


Jack discussed his discovery with two of his colleagues, omitting the incident of the kiss. They were proud and glad of his discovery, giving him compliments and telling him to continue his good work with the case.

As Jack worked on his patient notes, he found himself a little saddened by the loss of Billy. He had been enjoying getting to know the young man. Why did Billy have to go and kiss him? He threw down his pen and put his head in his hands. He had been completely blindsided by Billy's actions. There had been no hints, no indication that the other man felt anything for him besides friendship. Jack hadn't even suspected it at all.

It was known to happen, with the bond that is created between therapist and patient, some patients developed crushes on their therapists. Jack was always professional in his actions and careful to behave as ethically as possible. He never tried to encourage any inappropriate behavior.

And this inappropriate behavior had been a trigger that changed Billy. Danny was a whole different animal compared to Billy. He seemed so troubled, so emotional and angry whereas Billy had been only slightly anxious, but friendly.

Jack only knew that he'd need to adjust his strategies with this one.


The next time Danny saw Dr. Jack, he was sitting on his bench in the courtyard, lazing around with a cigarette between his fingers.

"I hear that you haven't been to your groups," the Dr. said on his approach.

Danny snorted. "So?"

"Why haven't you been going?" The doctor sat next to him without invitation.

Danny shrugged. "I wanted to be alone."

He could feel Jack's eye on him.

"You're staring Doc. I know you want me, but it's not going to happen."

The doc physically started at those words. "Danny…"

Danny let out a barking laugh. This Doc was too much. Took things too seriously. He flicked his cigarette butt onto the concrete.

"Well, if you aren't going to groups, you need to at least meet with me today," Jack calmly stated.

"Sure. Just so you know, I don't put out on the first date."

Danny couldn't help but smirk at Jack's flustered reaction. Obviously this was the way to get under his skin.


"I know, I know Doc," Danny stood. "I'll count the minutes until we see each other again." He snickered as he left Jack sputtering on the bench.


Things really are boring in an insane asylum. There was absolutely nothing to do, well unless you wanted to go to groups, but who wants to do that? The people were boring, with the possible exception of the new doctor. Danny knew he was going to enjoy pushing his buttons. But alas, he didn't know what time he'd see the good doctor again that day. So he was just in his room, listening to the radio and staring at the ceiling.

There was a knock at his door.

"Go away."

It opened despite his unwarm welcome. Theresa, the art therapist popped her head in the doorway.

"Hi. You haven't been in the art room in a couple days. I was just wondering if you wanted to come down sometime to help with some groups,"

Danny shrugged. "Not really."

"Okay. If you change your mind, you are welcome anytime, even if you just want to work on your own pieces. Enjoy your day!"

"Thanks," he muttered.

He did like to paint, but he hated to with other people around. He felt like they were constantly watching what he was doing and looking over his shoulder. And he hated listening to them all, making so much noise, talking and laughing, bumping into things, insisting on listening to bad music.

Maybe he would stop by sometime, when he knew there wasn't a group in the room.

Another knock to his door.

Why was everyone stopping at his room. Did they think he was their friend? He wasn't even nice.

This time he opened the door himself to reveal the doctor.

Yes. No more boredom.

"So you decided to come visit me after all Doc." He stepped back to allow room for Jack to enter.

"I passed Theresa on my way here. She told me you haven't been by the art room in while."

"Yeah, so? I told you, I want to be alone."

Jack nodded. "I know. But you can still pursue your hobbies and have people leave you alone."

Danny snorted. "This is a loony bin. I ain't ever alone." He gave Jack a hard stare. "So is this where you ask me about my life goals?"

"Do you want to get out of here?" The Doc calmly counter argued.

"What do you think?"

Jack tilted his head to the side. "I'm not sure if you do."

"Yes, I want to stay here forever because I can't stand the thought of ever leaving you Doc."


Danny interrupted him. "You're gonna tell me to be serious huh? Come up with those life goals." He rolled his eyes.

"Come to my office tomorrow at two."

"Is it a date?"

The good doctor. "Be there."

Danny just smiled.


Ehhhh…yeah, I don't really know if I like this.