Icy Black Sapphires

Can someone with eyes so emerald,
So bright and vivid hue,
Have eyes that then turn distant and cold -
Icy black sapphire?

His countenance once mirrored his soul
With eyes of beautiful green,
But his heart reflected otherwise
And thus his eyes turned blackened blue.

He goes along his day as best he can
His poor eyes darker upon each rise and set
Of the fiery gold sun that he once
Blended with green when he stared and dreamt

But gold is hidden behind bluish darkness
And this darkened shade evilly prevents
Anyone from looking into his world and seeing
That he's trying... Oh, he's trying...

But the sapphire blends beautifully with
The gentle aqua shade of escaping pain
And with the onyx hue that is night;
Beauty in darkness... Oh, but it hurts, too...

It is nothing more than life is made of colors
Hues that are bright and happy, dark and sad
And for some it's impossible to blend the two
For an even sense of balance.

He closes the pair of crystals that are his eyes,
The icy black sapphires, as he goes to sleep again.
And he waits and hopes that he'll one day regain
His emeralds. But only time will tell.