In An Instant

Blink your eye
Take a breath
No longer try
To get it off your chest.

In an instant
All has died.
Your wish, I did grant,
When you said goodbye.

I will walk away
Because this is what you wish.
No tears to keep at bay,
When flipped became your 'nasty' switch.

No, I will not cry,
And no longer will I wait.
Because I all I could do was try.
But affections you gave have turned into hate.

Sailing, sailing, in the sea
Apart we drift.
Now it is but 'you' and 'me,'
'Our' pair broken swift.

The moment was lost,
The memories will be forgotten.
The warmth of love will turn to frost.
The roses now are rotten.

I'll put it all aside,
And release my held breath.
Because, when the love and roses die
Dreams also meet their death.