One step a time,
But stumble and trip.
Hearing laughter chime
And pride becomes stripped.

See the piercing glares
And hear the commentary?
Beware the voices blare,
Mocking hysterically...

She's turned her back
With not a single word.
Concern, it is, she doesn't lack
But she is quite disturbed.

He plays the happy fake,
Keeps his eyes tightly closed.
Refusal of advice to take,
Makes happiness disposed.

They said the flowers gold
Were such a sight to see.
But the flowers died of old
Forgotten prophecy.

Sitting there in barren lands
With nothing left to grab
Makes them finally understand
Time took its back-end stab.

She is so intolerant
Not wanting this silly game
Of playing completely ignorant
And ruining her own name.

She tries hard to stay
And be a better friend
Fills herself with dismay
When viewing the future end.

The thought of pain
The sight of sorrow
The feeling of rain
The loss of tomorrow...

With the heaviest heart
She made this decision
To tear them apart
And cut the final incision.

Who will dare to cry
For the loss of all things dear?
Who will dare to try
For the sight that is unclear?

Over time, it is no more.
The vision fades to gray.
The loss of someone so adored...
She couldn't bear to stay.