Inward Visitation

My heart is brimming with emptiness
And slowly it starts to decay, piece after piece
With each strike that breaks its barrier
Collapsing to the gentle ground, shards glistening painfully
Until the light escapes and there is no more.

Love is its own lie -
Coming on strong with lavender dust and stars shining silver in a sapphire sky
But always forgotten is the black clouds and raging lightning
It drops its mask and reveals its horrible face
And it laughs in hers as she cries again...

But then again, perhaps not love is the lie
Perhaps instead it is you
The lie that I fell for; the shield I coveted so
Until I realized that you were full of holes and black spears could pass through you
To strike me in the heart instead.

So lay me down upon the altar
In the broken room upon which false feelings were confessed
So many times in the past before I came to realize...
Lay the broken and mangled heart upon the white pillows and cover it in satin sheets
And return it to some state of peace.

Leave this sleeping spirit to its peace
Leave the shattered heart on the floor, for that's what you always did...
Just leave it all...
For I'm tired of feeling that I have to leave it all as well.