Don't... Just Don't

Don't... Just don't
Apologize to me --
I know you meant well,
But hearing you say sorry
Only made me angry...

I know I shouldn't let
Myself get my hopes so high,
As to come crashing down
When something goes wrong...
But I do.

I know I should be angry --
I know I should --
But to turn my anger to you
Seems so wrong...
And that's why I cry

Sometimes I hate it when
I think of how much I
Love you... For I can't
Allow myself to feel fire --

I can only feel rain and ice.
And this fire suppressed within
Me only builds to points of
Danger... It hurts when it erupts...
Does love burn painfully?

Don't... Just don't
Try to explain yourself to me --
I don't want to hear it.
I'm sorry, but somewhere inside of me
I knew you would say this to me.

But my problem is that
I held on to the thought
That I was wrong, and that
You'd say oppositely...
And I'm sorry I reacted,

For I knew. The whole time.
I still held on that you'd
Come forward nonetheless...
But I forget that you
Are like me... stubborn.

Don't... Just don't
Tell me I'll be okay anyway --
I don't want to hear a lie.
I'm sorry I find that I live
For you... I wish that I

Would not. I don't believe
That's what you want of me --
Me to keep holding onto something
That remains forever out of reach,
But something so dear...

I'm sorry. I apologize to you
For making a request when I knew
The answer long before --
I know it hurt you to have
To tell me that you didn't want

To. And I'm sorry for the
Tears you heard explode out of me --
I tried to catch them, but
They were too strong for me.
I'm sorry.

I don't want you to think I'm
Forever angry with you, for
I'm not. I still find that
I love you just as much
As I always have.

Don't... Please don't
Forget that you'll always
Have love in me...
I'm still here for you.
I promised I'd never leave.

And I'll keep it. But sometimes
I find myself questioning
The sanity of my decisions
To keep my feelings running
This deeply, this strongly

When sometimes, I must explain
That I am hurt. But this hurt
Is strictly temporary...
Though sometimes,
It feels like an eternity.

Remember that I am here for you
Regardless of our ups and downs...
I still love and I still care
Even if it's unwanted or unreturned.
We'll be fine... We always are.