Losing Hope

He was titled Chance.
Her name was that of Hope.
He always dared to dance
Around inability to cope.

Taking Hope for granted
Yet loving her ever so
He saw through vision enchanted
Illusions claiming to know.

In his eyes there was another
A girl by name of Joy.
He went and left the other
The foolish, foolish boy.

Hope was hurt and broken
Trampled heart upon the floor
Without any word spoken,
With a pain not ignored,

She told Chance she was leaving
No more contact to be had.
He refused to begin believing
Anything but she was mad.

He fell for Joy immediately;
The best thing to cross his path.
Heart made it impossible to see
He missed his second half.

Hope, she didn't stay.
Couldn't find the will.
Closest friend did dare betray
The need to be there still.

Joy was nothing but a game;
A girl with false intentions.
A lying woman with no shame
Stealing Chance's full attention.

Chance lost sight of what was true;
Forgot that he felt pain.
There was nothing he could do,
So emotionally insane.

Chance and Joy, what a team!
But people had their doubts.
Everyone had already seen
What Joy was truly all about.

Joy ran a rampage long
Hurting Chance behind his back
Didn't know he was being wronged
For affection he felt he lacked.

Finally she was caught
For what she truly was.
Suddenly he was distraught
And it was because

In the back of his brain
He heard Hope's gentle voice.
Felt a saddening pain
Realizing his wrongful choice.

And so for Hope he dared to call
And so for Hope he cried.
Oh, for Hope, his shield would fall...
Oh, beloved Hope, had she died?

He went to the location
Where Hope used to be.
Felt the force of devastation
When she, he didn't see.

His mind became diseased
With thoughts of misery
Couldn't ever seem to ease
His undying agony.

His heart could never repair
From this deepest depression.
With eyes full of such despair
A boy lost his obsession.