Love Me Bloodshot

Let me bandage up the cuts
And take some time to heal from
The wars that I have seen -
The battles I have fought

Love me bloodshot
Love me sleepy blue
Love me golden yellow bright
Love me no matter what the rainbow colors seem
Love me as I love you.

I've learned that an iceberg
Can melt with one drop of liquid fire -
Our blood within is blue
It escapes and becomes red
The portrayal of how hiding depression
Until finally it erupts out
Burning angrily and destroying anything and all...

I need your warmth to comfort me
But you are burning way too strongly to be touched.
I'd give you ice to settle you down
But would you just
Melt it away
In the blink of an eye?

What am I supposed to do
When you are hurt, as am I
And we're both paralyzed from the injuries?

At your thunder
I see the clouds begin to come
I shiver from the violently icy winds
Paralyzed in invisible ice until
Lightning flickers within my eyes
And the dam breaks...

The rain falls quickly and relentlessly
While the wind comes painfully -
Gasping for air wildly
The earthquake tremors continue to increase
The ice goes away and heats up warm
With this -
Is this anger
Or is it depression in disguise?

I'll hide for now
To inspect the damage done
An unintentional storm delivers to
Me the title of
Involutary victim
Right place
Wrong time...

Your crimson flame flickers down and dies
While my rainstorm finally trickles to an end.
There is a calm here now
In which you find me
With your arms, now loving again,
Protecting me gently
I see the sunlight and the rainbow within
The clouds...

So love me bloodshot
Love me rainy blue
Love me shimmering yellow bright
Love me as I love you.