Love, Wishes, and Dreams

He closed his eyes
Rubbing healing scars
Looking up at nightly skies
Wishing upon all the stars.

Missed his caring girl
Desired her to return back
Empty space in his little world
From a love so in lack.

Tried his luck with all the others
But nothing was the same
Couldn't dare to love another
And always whispered her name.

She was his closest friend
Couldn't push her away
Needed to see her once again
Full of so much to say.

One day a call came through
And told him where to go
Through the night he rapidly flew
So he could let her know.

And for a short while
He was bursting at the seams
Couldn't stop his smile
Living out his fondest dreams.

And in the morning light
He'd wake up in his bed
No longer have his heart to fight
For he embraced his love instead.

He became wonderfully loved again
By someone who never betrayed.
Forgotten was the miserable pain
He'd felt when she had strayed.