The Beginning-Introductions

Marissa Vandertrooy ran a hand through her cropped blonde hair.

She looked...


Angrily, she tugged her red plaid, pleated skirt down, as far as it would go. Which, unfortunately, wasn't very far. Not even mid-thigh. Sighing, she adjusted the baggy white polo shirt.

At least that was decent.

"Marissa! You're going to be late!" her mother called, from out in the kitchen.


Giving herself a final once-over, she grabbed her bag and walked out of her room.

In the kitchen, her beautiful mother was humming happily to herself, back towards her skimpily clothed daughter.

"Sweetie, do you look..." the older blonde woman trailed off, as she turned around.

"Bare...?" Marissa offered, eyebrows rising.

"Want a ride?" her mother offered back.

"Have a nice day. Don't be nervous. St. Jude's is just as good as St. Nicholas-"

"Except that it's co-ed." Marissa grunted dully.

"You've been to a co-ed school before..." her mother sighed.

"Grade 6."

"It's only been-"

"6 years." Marissa cut her off.

"I'm trying, sweetheart." her mother whispered softly.

"Mom, you know how much I didn't want to move and just because you get some-" Marissa stopped herself. She didn't want to start another argument.

"Have a good day at work." she said instead and got out of the car, without looking back at her mother.

She knew she was being childish, but just for once, couldn't she be the child?

Ezra MacGregor hitched up the girl's skirt, fingering the soft flesh with a smirk. Everyone else was in the chapel for morning prayers, so he had this girl all to himself.

The girl moaned into his mouth as he slowly slid his fingers inside her. She was wet.

"Ezra! Yo! 'Zra!"

Ezra let out a sigh as he withdrew himself from Sally...? Sarah? Shera? Or was it Sherry?

"Gotta go." he murmured lowly.

"W-wait..." S called out after him faintly, voice slightly hoarse.

He ignored her, walking out of the dark, empty classroom, licking his fingers clean.

He grimaced.

Never again. He thought disgustedly as he spat the taste out of his mouth into a garbage can.

"There you are, Ez!" a slim blonde boy panted.

"Catch your breath, Bradley." Ezra gave a faint smile of amusement.

"New student. Needs to get her schedule and locker. She wasn't here for orientation." Bradley managed to get out, ignoring the upperclassman's comment.

"Alright." Ezra replied carelessly, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his grey trousers.

Marissa shifted anxiously as she waited impatiently in the student council office. Her legs felt bare. Well...they were bare, except for a pair of white ankle socks. And yet, the heater in the room was turned up full-blast, that she was sweating like a pig.


She let out a weary sigh, lifting her chin-length, wavy blonde hair up away from sticking to the back of her sweaty neck.

Suddenly the door burst open.

A familiar blonde boy stood beside an unfamiliar taller, dark-haired boy. They were both ridiculously good-looking.

"Brad!" Marissa grinned as she threw herself at her younger cousin. "I didn't know you went to St. Jude's!"

"Mar-ack!'t!" Bradley choked out.

"My favourite relative! How are you?" she asked warmly, finally letting go with one final slap.

"I think I just saw my life flash before my very, you stink." Bradley muttered, swatting away Marissa's hands that were trying to tear into his cheeks.

"Stop...trying to CHEEKS!" Bradley caught her by the wrists.

Marissa blinked up in surprise.

"You got taller!" she accused, shocked at the 2 inches that her cousin had gained since a year ago.

"Thank God." Bradley rolled his eyes.

She glared up at him.

"Bradley." a deep, throaty voice broke in slowly.

"Oh! Ez! This is my crazy cousin, Marissa." Bradley introduced, which earned him a slap from so-called 'crazy cousin'.

"Hi." she smiled up at Ezra shyly, offering a hand. "Marissa Vandertrooy."

"Ezra." he murmured as he gave her a slow once-over.

She was definitely hot. She had the kind of appeal ditzes usually do. Attractive ditzes.

When Ezra looked up into her large brown eyes, they were no longer shy and sweet. Rather, she was scowling at him in confused displeasure, and had withdrawn her hand.

"Something you're looking for?" she snapped at him, shifting uncomfortably.

"No worries. Already found." he drawled.

He watched her scowl darken, but before she could open her mouth (those deliciously soft-looking lips), Bradley broke in, oblivious.

"Marissa, we need to get you your schedule and locker, and Ezra, here; he's the president of the student council. He's here for whatever you need." he said.

Marissa looked at Ezra in incredulous disbelief. Ezra smirked.

"Whatever you need." he drew out. His pale grey eyes were wickedly amused.

She looked ready to kill him.

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