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Here's chapter 9, Enjoy:

Anna was in the kitchen when I walked in a few minutes later. She was busy pouring a thick red liquid into tall wine glasses; it took me only a moment to realize what the red stuff was and that realization made me rather sick. But, then again if it meant that no one was biting me (or trying to) then I suppose it wasn't that bad and it could definitely be worse. They could be drinking from me.

Just the thought made me shiver and want to throw up. I would rather not be shared; having one vampire sucking from my neck was bad enough.

Anna turned away from what she was doing long enough to say, "Oh, hey Casey… if you'll give me a minute, I'll get something for you to eat."

I shrugged, "Don't bother."

She turned back to look at me, an eyebrow raised, "Why?"

"Because I'm being punished for being rude to one of his guests," I explained, "not that I regret it, the jerk totally deserved it. But, because of that, I'm not allowed to have any food for the rest of the night."

"Oh… Casey, you poor thing."

"It's alright, Anna... really. What he doesn't know is that I've gone without food before. Of course, it wasn't for this long, but if I did it once I can definitely do it again." I was determined to make it through the night without food; I was going to show him that he couldn't control me with it. Sure, I wasn't going to intentionally act out, but if something like what happened with Kale occurred again, I probably wasn't going to be able to control myself.

"So, I was told to come help you," I started, "Do you need any help?" I asked, hoping that she would say yes just so I could have something to do that would keep me away from the many vampires that were in the house.

I should have know that I wouldn't be able to get away from them for long, "Do you mind taking these out to them?" she asked, nodding to the several glasses of blood that was sitting on the tray as she continued to fill up the last couple of empty glasses.

I really didn't want to do that, I would rather stay in the kitchen with her, but I decided that I just better since Anna had other stuff to do and not else was around to help. "Sure," I replied somewhat reluctantly.

Anna didn't notice my discomfort as I reached for the tray after she had filled the last one. It took a few tries, but I was finally able to lift the thing up without almost dropping it. "Well, I'll see you later then."

"Bye! Thanks for your help Casey." she said before she turned her back on me and busied herself with the oven.

"You're welcome." I replied before I turned on my heel and left the room, walking slowly as to not drop any of the glasses.

I took a deep breathe and steadied the tray that held the ten glasses full to the brim with blood, the sight alone made me want to vomit. Honestly, I didn't like the sight of blood to begin with, but to be so close to some just made my stomach a bit queasy. I willed myself to calm down and forced the bile that wanted to come up back down my throat, which made my throat burn a bit.

I reluctantly raised my tremblingly hand about ready to knock, but before my hand could even touch the mahogany door, it opened in a giant whoosh; I was so surprised that I nearly dropped the tray. It wobbled precariously on my already shaking hand before it was effortlessly steadied by a pair of long fingers, that, once had the tray steadied, were placed onto my shoulders to help steady myself. I glanced up, somewhat surprised to find myself staring into Adrian's hazel eyes.

"I thought I heard someone out here." he smiled.

I just stared at him, silently wondering how he even knew I was out there at all. Though, the fact that he was a vampire pretty much answered that question; from my knowledge, they had really good hearing.

He reached out to maybe take the tray from my still shaking hands, but was stopped mid way by Damien's voice, "Don't you dare help her with that, Adrian."

Adrian rolled his eyes, an action that looked quite childish on his rather mature face and I snorted since it looked so odd, something I shouldn't have done since I almost did drop the tray this time. I don't think I've ever been such a klutz before.

Adrian steadied it for a second time while I felt myself blushing a deep scarlet red while mumbling a meek apology.

"You don't need to apologize, Casey, it wasn't your fault… I shouldn't have made you laugh." Adrian said, "Not that I blame you, I am rather humorous, am I not?" he asked with a wink.

"If you two are done conversing and wasting time… would you please let Casey bring the drinks in here. We're all quite hungry."

The comment made me wrinkle my nose in disgust as I glanced at the thick red liquid in the glasses; just the sight made me want to vomit… I couldn't even imagine what it even tasted like, not that I ever wanted to find out either. It was probably vile and bitter.

I finally got my nerves to calm down enough to step through the door into a rather large conference room; the sight of it was odd since it wasn't what I expect to step into at all. There were approximately ten people in the room, one woman and nine men, I recognized most of them; there was Damien of course and next to him sat Adrian and then Jerrick, Jaren and finally Natasha. The ones I didn't recognize were all men and were clustered around the vampire named Julian, the one I had apparently offended earlier. They were gorgeous of course, not that it mattered to me… they were still vampires, and no amount of good looks could change that in my eyes.

Julian sat at the head of the table, farthest from the door. A brown haired, browned eye vampire sat to the left of him, he had a very rugged look to him, one that made him look scarier than Julian. Though, it was obvious he wasn't as powerful since power wasn't leaking off him as with the other one. Next to him, sat a dark blonde haired, blue-eyed one who couldn't be a day over nineteen, at least in human years, a black hair, blue-eyed tall, lanky vampire sat next to him, and finally, sitting closet to the door sat another dark blonde, green-eyed man.

I didn't have much time to check out anything more since Damien's voice made me finally look away from them, "Are you going to stand there gawking at my guests, Casey, or are you going to do your job?"

I felt my face heat up again as I apologized and began slowly walking around the table, starting with Damien, who sat closest to the door, giving them their glasses as I went. I managed to do pretty well, didn't spill any, even though I came close when I gave Jaren his; he attempted to touch me, but I managed to scoot out of his reach before he could lay so much as a finger on me. I did so while still keeping a steady hold on the tray that still had about half of the glasses on it.

"Speedy little thing, isn't she?" one of the unknown men commented, I didn't turn my head to look, I was too busy keeping my eye on Jaren and making sure he stayed where he was and didn't come near me.

"She must really not like you, Jaren." Another commented, "I don't think I've ever seen a human so tense and frightened before."

"Aw… she's just playing hard to get." Jaren replied with a smirk.

I glared at him, he better be lucky that I had already given him his glass, if I still had it, I would have "accidently" spilled it all over him. Perverted asshole would have deserved it. As it stands, I couldn't very well do it now since it wouldn't look like much of an accident at all. I would rather avoid getting in trouble at all costs if I could.

There was a snort of laughter, "Judging from the way she's glaring at you, I highly doubt that." the first man who had spoken, spoke again.

I placed the next glass by Natasha, watching Jaren the whole time.

I quickly finished handing out drinks before heading towards the door, the now empty tray tucked under my arm. I tried not to run or make it look too obvious that I wanted out of there. I was almost to the door when Damien stopped me, "Did I tell you, you could leave, Casey?"

I turned slowly to face him, "N-no, sir… you told me to help Anna."

He raised an eyebrow at that, "And does Anna need any help?"

I thought about it for a minute, "No…"

"Fine then… you have no reason to leave, do you?"

I shook my head to that. Not really liking where this was going now.

"Then you have no reason to leave." he repeated

I had a feeling he was going to say that. He stared at me for a few seconds before he continued, "Come over here." he ordered not too nicely, pointing to the space between his chair and Adrian's.

After a few seconds I reluctantly made my way over to where he was pointing. He glanced purposely at the floor and I got the hint. After a few more seconds, I reluctantly sat down on the floor like I was an animal. As if I didn't deserve my own chair. I kept my mouth shut about it, but I could tell Damien could hear everything I was thinking since he grabbed onto my arm roughly and yanked me so I was leaning up against the side of his chair staring at Adrian's chair which was pretty much right in front of me, which didn't give me much room to move. So, I was forced to leave my legs up tight against my chest, not that that was a very good idea since I was wearing a dress, but I didn't have much of a choice.

"Damien this is a private meeting. You know no unauthorized person is allowed, especially a human." I recognized the voice with the slight British accent, Julian.

"I know, Master Julian but you must understand that if I leave her alone with nothing to do, she will most likely do something stupid."

"I see," was the reply, "do you really have that much of a problem controlling her, Damien?"

"She's obedient for the most part, but she has her moments." Damien explained. "Plus, I think it's quite convenient to have her so close… makes it easier if we are in need of anything else."

There was a sigh, "I do not know why I am allowing this, but she can stay, but if she so much as breathes a word of what we discuss, the punishment for both of you will be very great and painful. That is, if I even let you live," the threat was evident in his voice, he was serious, "Understand?"

"Yes, she won't repeat anything that is discussed in this meeting, will you, Casey?"

His grip tightened slightly on my arm before I answered, "No, sir." And that was really the truth… I really had no interest in what they were going to discuss. Though, I was a bit curious since it seemed these meetings were highly secretive, but I wasn't curious enough to care all that much.

"Good girl." he praised before letting go of my arm which dropped limply into my lap.

I heard the shuffle of papers and the meeting began, but they were all speaking in whisper and I didn't catch much of anything. I guess they had such good hearing that they could whisper across the room and hear each other… kind of weird. Made me wonder why they did that, were they that worried of me repeating what I had heard? The only conclusion I could come up with was that this meeting had something to do with, and that something was humans. So, maybe it was good thing that I couldn't hear them.

This was boring.

This was not what I planned to be doing tonight, not that I had any plans or anything, but I had thought that I would be spending it helping Anna out, not sitting here on the floor being completely bored and useless. Though, I guess it gave me time to wonder where the rest of the vampires were… I knew there was more than this number in the foyer a while ago. At least, I thought there was, but I was a bit surprised so I could have counted more than there actually were.

I wondered if Damien would be angry at me if I fell asleep? Leaning my head on my knees the way I was doing, was making me a little sleepy and the hand gentling massaging my head wasn't helping either.

It took a minute for that to sink in…

There was a hand in my hair, but instead of yanking on it like I was so used to, it was rubbing gently over my scalp; occasionally running completely through my hair before going back to a gentle massage. It was comforting, but very odd… since there were only two possible people responsible for it and the more I thought about it, the more I realized who it was and the thought freaked me out. Really, it did. What was he doing touching me like this and being so gentle about it?

I was desperate to prove to myself that I was just somehow imagining the hand, but when I reached up to investigate, my hand actually touched another one, a very cold one, but a hand nonetheless, which was proof enough that this was very real.

The minute I took hold of the hand in an attempt to move it, it grabbed hold of mine in a grip so tight that I was afraid my wrist would break under the pressure. I grimaced and whimpered as I tried to yank my hand away without causing any more pain. Though, I should have known that wasn't going to work; it never had before.

I whimpered again.

"Damien, what the hell are you doing? Let the poor girl go!"

"Don't tell me what to do, Adrian."

"If you do not let her wrist go, Damien, you will break it and she will be unable to use it for several weeks. Do you want that?" Adrian asked.

"No." Damien spat right before he let go of my wrist and I was able to cradle it close to my chest. I could tell it was going to bruise; already the skin was tender to the touch.

"Casey!" Damien snapped so suddenly I jumped.

I looked up at him, warily, a bit worried about what he wanted from me this time.

"There are several empty glasses on the table, Casey… are you going to take care of that?" he asked, glaring at me.

"Um… yes, sir."

I was so willing to follow orders right now since it meant I got to do something and not have to sit here and be bored and have to be uncomfortable with Damien's odd actions in regards to my hair. So, I got up and I began collecting the glasses, which were all surprisingly empty. I started with Damien's empty glass and started working my way counterclockwise around the table. Everything was fine until I reached Jaren. I eyed him suspiciously as I approached because I really did not trust him. At all.

My suspicions were correct though because right when I grabbed for the empty glass on the table, he grabbed hold of my wrist, the action was so sudden that I knocked the glass over and the force sent it flying across the table and smacked the vampire sitting across from him, the one that looked only a few years older than myself.

All talking ceased, the only noise that was heard was the glass smacking against the tabletop before it finally lost momentum and stopped. Afterwards, there was still silence and everyone was now staring at me.

I gulped as I slowly raised my head to look at the vampire I had accidentally hit. Well, at least he wasn't glaring at me… that was a good thing. He looked more surprised than angry even as he looked down at the small blood stain that had appeared on his shirt where the glass had hit, guess there was a little bit left in that glass.

After a few seconds of staring, I finally gained my voice which had disappeared the moment the glass had made contact with his chest.

"I-I am so sorry!" I whimpered, just because he didn't look pissed, didn't mean he wasn't; he could just be really good at hiding his anger.

"See, Master Julian… this is why I can't leave her alone." Damien's voice being so close to me made me jump; I hadn't even heard him move.

"I can see." was the only reply to that.

"I apologize for that, William… I'll have Casey fix it right away." I felt a hand grab hold of my free one and pull, while the other one took the tray out of my hands, "Go help William." was all that was needed since I pretty much knew what he wanted me to do, it was pretty obvious.

"But –"

His grip on my wrist tightened painfully and I whimpered, but he didn't relent he just glared at me, "No 'buts' go and fix the problem you have caused."

"Yes, sir." I whispered before I attempted to get my hand out of his grip, but he wouldn't give it up and after a few seconds, I realized he wasn't going to, "Um…"

"What is it now?"

"Um… I kind of need my hand so I can go." I explained, shaking my hand that was still in his grip.

He looked at it for a few moments before he pulled me a little and then dropped the hand which fell loosely to my side. He then pushed me towards the door without so much as a single word to me.

Everyone was staring at me as I left the room, following William who had left a few seconds before me. He was standing near the stairs as I left the room and closed the door softly behind me. The Foyer was empty except for us.

"You don't have to do this, you know, I'm a grown male, I can dress and undress myself." he said.

"Yes, but it is what Master wants." I said.

He looked at me for a few seconds, he opened his mouth, but then seemed to think better of it and shut it. He let out a sigh before he finally spoke, "Very well then… come on." he waved a hand at me as he made his way towards the stairs and took them two at a time. I followed him up to the second floor landing and continued as he turned right and made his way down the hallway.

We had almost made our way down to the end of the hallway when I was suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged into the nearest room. I let out of a cry of surprise, but it was muffled quickly by the hand that came out to cover my mouth.

I struggled as I was dragged into the dark room and the door shut quietly behind me. Only when the door was closed and locked did the person let go of me, but not before whispering a sinister threat into me ear, "if you move or make any sound at all, it'll be the last thing you ever do, understand?" it was a low male voice that spoke.

I nodded as I stood still, so still that it almost hurt.

"Good girl." I felt his presence leave mine and a few seconds later the room was flooded with light; he was standing by the wall near the door, having just turned the lights on. On sight I immediately stepped back, but he tsked me, wagging a finger at me disapprovingly, "What did you just promise not to do?" Kale's smile was just plain evil.

I watched him warily as he made his way towards me, his pace slow and deliberate and when he got mere inches from me I once again attempted to move away, but he grabbed hold of my arm and yanked me so hard that I flew right into his chest. Where he then turned me around so my back was up against his chest, "Do you know how long it would take me to break your pretty little neck?" he whispered, inches from my ear.

Before I could so much as reply, he had answered the question for me, "Mere seconds… in the time it takes you to blink, you could already be dead." he threatened, gripping my neck in a tight grip and twisting, not enough to break it, but enough to make me wince and show me that the threat was very much real. "But, I don't want to kill you… be such a waste of such a beautiful creature…" I tried not to vomit as his hand reached up and he caressed the side of my face, he ignored my discomfort as he continued, "So you do what I say and I'll let you walk out of here unharmed… and alive." he added the last part as he had paused for what I assumed to be dramatic effect.

I nodded, too afraid to speak.

I didn't have a chance to ask what he was going to do because right after I had nodded my consent he started shoving me towards the bed. And, I didn't have to ask because I had a general idea of what he was going to do. When I realized what his plans were (or what I thought his plans were), I immediately started struggling which really did nothing except make his grip on me tighten.

I let out a small "oof" as I was carelessly shoved onto the bed; I immediately made an attempt to get off of it, but I needed have bothered since he grabbed me by my hair and yanked me back so hard I slammed into his chest. I opened my mouth to scream, but he covered it up with his hand before could make any sound at all. He then tsked me, his face merely inches away from my ear. "You're a very bad girl, aren't you? Taking the first chance you see to escape after you agree not to. Not that I blame you of course," he whispered, his soft voice making me shiver which made him chuckle before continuing, "but your futile attempts to escape won't do anything… you wouldn't even make it halfway to the door." he said knowingly, I could tell that he was smirking even if I couldn't see him.

I tried to say something, anything to him, but his hand still prevented anything coherent from leaving my mouth. He just chuckled before shoving me face first into the bed, but before my face could smash fully into the pillow, he had jerked me around so I was facing him, or I was a few seconds later when he climbed on top of me, straddling my waist: he took both of my hands in only one of his so he was able to keep my mouth covered with the other. "Don't want you screaming and ruining everything do we? Now, that wouldn't be much fun, now would it?" he asked, as he revealed, seemingly out of nowhere a handkerchief that he used to gag me, "Just in case I want to use both of my hands…" he said, giving me a very knowing smile, as he tightened the gag making me wince as he yanked on my hair. After the gag, came the rope that he used to tie both of my arms up to the two opposite bedposts.

Since I couldn't voice how much I hated the bastard and how much I wanted to hit him, I chose to just glare at him instead. It was useless though, since he wasn't even looking at me, he was studying my body, his eyes roaming over it; he paid especially close attention to my chest which was heaving up in down due to the adrenaline pumping through my veins. If my arms weren't tied to the bedposts I would have smacked him in attempt to wipe the leering smile off his face that was really creeping me out.

Though, that was the least of my worries when I felt his hands groping all over my body; he was paying a lot of attention on my chest with those ugly hands of his. And, when I tried to shift away from them, he simply pushed down harder on my chest, making it difficult for me to move at all. I closed my eyes, praying to God that it would be over soon. I should have known that this was not even the worst of it since a few seconds later Kale spoke again, "Now… let's see what we've got under here…" he trailed as he slid down my body to rest just below my knee where he started pulling up my dress to expose the lower half of my body and even though I knew it did no good at all, I continued to struggle against him, but all that earned me was a sharp slap to my right leg and a growled order from him to stop struggling, which only made me struggle more and I could feel the rope rubbing my skin raw as I shook my hands, trying to get them loose which was completely useless.

I jerked when I felt his hands skimming down my now very exposed legs. As he was doing this he leaned down so his face became even with my own. His eyes were fixated on my neck and I knew what he was going to do. "You know, I don't really think Damien's punishment was good enough for how you treated me. I think you deserve to suffer and plan to keep you for as long it takes for you learn your lesson." he smirked and I gulped.

Suddenly, a body came out of seemingly nowhere and shoved him off of me before he could do anything; he went soaring across the room and landed with a loud thud against the wall. I turned my eyes to my savior, Damien wasn't even looking at me, he was looking at Kale, but he still looked pissed

"How fucking dare you!" Damien screamed, "If you want to fuck my slave, Kale, that's fine with me, but have the fucking decency to ask first!"

I could only stare at him… what kind of sick person was he?! No normal sane person would say something like. I knew he was a cold and heartless vampire, but I didn't think he was that cold and heartless.

I don't think I was the only shocked one if the loud "Damien!" that came from Adrian by the door was an indication.

Damien turned towards him, "What?" he snapped.

"How can you even offer that?! Casey is not a sex slave!"

"Adrian, she's mine. I will do whatever the hell I want to do with her. If you don't like it then you can leave."Damien nodded to the door, "you know your way out."

There was a long silence between the two; during which Damien broke it to yell at Kale for nearly defiling his slave without proper permission from him and Adrian's attempts at untying me from the bed, which proved to be difficult since Kale seemed to be very good with knots. He had managed to un-gag me and get one knot untied when Damien had kicked Kale out of the room and from the looks if it, his house too.

"Damien, I wish to speak to you… in private."

"About what?"

Adrian turned away from me long enough to answer, "I would think it would be obvious," he sighed, "I want to talk to you about the girl, Damien and your poor treatment of her."

Damien stared at him, though Adrian didn't see it, he was too busy trying to untie my left wrist from the bedpost. After a few more tugs, I was able to pull my other wrist free and rub both of my rope burned wrists together to ease the pain.

"Thank you." I whispered.

Adrian just smiled at me.

"Leave us, Casey." Damien barked suddenly.

I jumped a little before slowly getting off the bed and heading for the door, glad that I would be able to leave the room. "Don't forget to close the door!"

I followed the order and found myself leaning up against the wall, trying to eavesdrop since I quickly discovered that the door was too thick to hear much of anything. Though, I did discover that the wall was apparently much thinner since I was able to hear much better. I'm not usually one for eavesdropping since I think it's kind of rude, but it's completely different when I was the subject that was being discussed, at least I was pretty sure I was, but the first thing I heard through the wall confirmed who they were talking about. The words were a bit muffled, but I was able to hear them relatively well.

"I've only been here for a few hours, Damien and the way you treat Casey is horrendous. She may be human and below you, but she is a person and she deserves a bit more respect. Frankly I'm sick of watching you treat all of your slaves like that. I've turned a blind eye up until now, but I just can't do that again."

"Well, like I said Adrian, if you don't like it, you can always leave." Damien spat.

"Of course I could… or I could just take her away from you."

"Ha… no you can't. I bought her fair and square. Last time I checked there was no law against abusing slaves. Nor was there any that stated that slaves could be taken away if they were either."

"Well, yes... I suppose you did, but do you remember that I loaned you half of the money to purchase her? And, that I signed her contract as well? So, technically, she belongs to both of us. And, you know the Council will let me have complete ownership of her if I can give enough proof of what you're doing to her."

I was surprised at Adrian's comment; his previous comments towards me had given me no indication that he had helped Damien out at all, nor did he act like he had ever seen me before tonight. It made me wonder what he was up too… he was quite a sneaky, secretive vampire.

"You already have a slave Adrian… you don't need another one." Damien was saying when I put my ear back up to the wall.

"Sure I do… Melody gets sick sometimes. Plus, it would be nice to give her a break every once in a while."

"Why would you take her away from me after you begged me to buy her? I remember you spewing all this shit about how she was more important than I could know at the moment, but it was important that I had her. Well, I'm still waiting for the moment in which she suddenly becomes worthwhile to come up, because… right now, it's not looking too good."

Well, that just confirmed my growing suspicion that Adrian was up to something. Though, whether it was good or bad was yet to be determined.

"You have to patient with these things, Damien. They are not going to happen overnight. These kind of things take time."

"What kind of things?" he questioned.

He got no reply, instead Adrian changed the subject, "Damien, the last thing I want to do is to take her away from you, but I will if I must. If this ends up being a bad environment for her, I will take it up with the Council and have them make me her complete owner which, as you know, can be done if you're found to be incapable of handling her along with the other three you already have. Don't give me that look… you shouldn't have allowed me to help pay for her and sign her contract with you."

"Well, who the hell was I supposed to ask, Adrian?" Damien asked, "I don't have nearly the number of friends that you do."

"Well, you could…If you weren't such a heartless asshole, maybe others besides myself would want to be around you even when there is no official business to take care of. If it weren't for the fact that I found you on the night you were changed and took you in and taught you everything and spent a good two hundred years with you; teaching you to control your urges because the one who changed you was too much of a slimy piece of shit to follow protocol and take care of what he had just created himself, I would not be around you either."

There was a very long pause and even though I was not even in the room I could feel the tension that had grown up between the two men. I was still sitting there after five minutes, about ready to leave when Adrian spoke up again

"I know you have a little party tomorrow night, but you're still having the party next week too, correct?"

"Yes." the answer was curt and rather rude.

"Very well, I'll give you until that time to change your ways where Casey is concerned. If you have not changed enough for my liking, then I'll take her away from you and make it impossible for you to get her back."

"You wouldn't…"

"You don't believe me? Then go ahead, Damien… just try me, I have over two hundred years on you which means I have more power and more connections than you, several of whom are Council members." Adrian voice sounded deadly, in the short time I had known him, I had never heard him speak like that before, he sounded really angry.

"Fine," Damien spat, "Now, if you will excuse me I have to go talk to Master Julian about Kale's actions; they cannot go unpunished."

I heard footsteps heading towards the door and I moved my head away from the wall to hide the fact that I had been listening to them.

The sudden opening of the door made me jump slightly and when Damien came out, he stared at me for a few minutes before he turned on his heel and headed towards the stairs, when he reached them he shouted over his shoulder, "Well, don't just sit there, Casey… go make yourself useful somewhere else!"

I jumped at the sudden order, but got up anyway and followed it and as I made my way down the stairs, I thought about the conversation I had overheard and I wondered what the hell Adrian was up to and why it all appeared to have something to do with me and I decided that I was going to do my best to figure out exactly what it was and why it concerned me.

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