That God

You said you would accept me no matter what

That even if though whole world turned on me

You'd be there

By my side

Holding my hand

When I asked why

You simply replied

"Because I'm you're friend"

You made me believe

You made me hope

You made me learn to trust people again

And I was happy

Blissful, Ecstatic

I felt like I was on top of the world

I opened up to you

I let you in to my life

Broke down my own personal barriers just for you

Because you said you were my friend

Because you said you loved me like a sister

But I didn't want you to love me like a sister

I wanted you to love me more then a sister

I wanted you to love me like a lover

Like how you a women is suppose to love a man

Like how real love is suppose to be like

Like how your God intended it to be

The same God that clearly states in the Bible

That my kind of love is wrong

Disgusting, unnatural, tainted

The same God that supposedly tells you to hate "my kind"

The same God that says I'm wrong

Me, wrong a girl for loving another girl

The same God that told you to abandon me

And you did

Turned your back on me

Because you're God said to

The very same God that you said was kind and merciful

The very same God that you wanted me to so badly believe in

The very same God that made me lose my best friend

The very same God