A Place Called Home

By Nixosia

One Shot

"It's when you're away that you realize it.

"Nothing's quite the same in other places, because those places aren't what you're used to. They aren't where you're from. No matter how hard you try, no matter how nice the people are, it's just impossible to really get into it. It doesn't have your style, your things, your people. You miss what you love, and learn to love what you thought you hated because hey, it wasn't perfect, but it was yours.

"And it's like a completely new world.

"It's quiet, and that's kind of scary. You're not used to quiet, and as thus, night becomes a sort of enemy to you. You don't want to sleep because it's quiet, but the quiet makes you sleepy. It's an endless cycle that won't fade no matter how hard you try, and you find yourself yawning at nine. And, of course, everyone else can't see why it's so disconcerting to be tired at nine.

"They don't realize that your average bedtime is two.

"Of course it's good to explore new places, don't get me wrong. You meet new people, experience new things. Perhaps you make a new friend or two, however if they're your own age or otherwise. Likely you'll befriend a friend of a friend, or a friend of a family member. Not that doing so is bad. It just sort of feels like cheating I guess.

"Who really wants to cheat with friends?

"It's not the same there, and as much as they want it to be it's not quite what you want. Because you can't go 'Hey, let's hang,' and meet up with your buddies ten minutes later. Because you have to curb your tongue, and explain what you do say because they're not your 'crowd.' Not that you're particularly selective, they just don't understand the way things work with you.

"Not that they're to blame of course.

"No one but you is to blame that you can't get into it. And really not even you are to blame. If you'd been taken out more, and offered more experiences when you were young maybe you would have had an easier time acclimating to it. To the new surroundings, and damn is it beautiful. Like the city in the snow beautiful, but.. more peaceful, and less.. snowy.

"Maybe even more beautiful.

"Even the animals are beautiful. The birds, the bugs, the fuzzy ones. The kids too really, because they're not as slimy and.. ick.. as in other places. Not that kids in other places are bad or something. Even though, considering, they are. These kids say please and thank you without prompt. And they're polite in other ways. And as hyper as the youth remains it's a different kind of hyper.

"An endearing kind.

"Well of course there's an endearing kind of hyper! Maybe you've see it once or twice up there. The kind of hyper where they cling, and want to be around you because they look up to you. Not because they want something. Because they think you're cool, and want to be your friend even though you're older. Sure, you may think you see it all the time up there, but you really don't.

"Those kids are the devil incarnate.

"I know it's mean. But it's true. One minute they're all smiles, and batting eye lashes, then they're fucking someone up. The very next second they're all smiles again like you can't see the kid crying on the ground. Hell yeah little kids get into physical fights. All the damn time. And even if they don't, those little kids are pure evil, and they're always teasing each other.

"Sometimes the teasing hurts more.

"Screw sentimentality. It's not important, we're talking about different here. So. Yeah. What did I get so far? The quiet, the beauty, the kids, the friends. Everything is so different, in ways you've never even imagined. It's so nice. It's great. You love it so much that you don't want to leave, even though it's not your place, and you don't have your friends.

"The better choice does win out of course.

"You discuss leaving like you're disappointed, which, in a way, you are. You're so disappointed because once you leave you know you won't be going to sleep at nine. Won't be waking up early. The sleep won't be nearly as good, the pillows not nearly as soft. The place won't be as beautiful, and the kids won't be as nice.

"But you're happy too.

"You practically skip to the terminals, refuse to freak on the plane ride, and want to kiss the floor when you get back. Which you don't do, because in all honesty you know better. You don't know where the floor's been, or what's been on the floor. You're mouth is best kept off of it. You're so happy because you don't have to go to bed early, or wake up early, or curb your tongue, or deal with rules that aren't yours."

Brown met blue and the two smiled. A gentle exchange of expressions that wasn't caught by the any passerby. It was the kind of friendship spoken of without so many words. The kind when you read between the lines without instruction. It's was what was meant to be done, and it happened. It happened as naturally as the hugs, the kisses, the greetings.

They were both happy she was back. Reveling in the retelling of events. The elaboration of points because, even though it may have been slightly boring, and there were definitely more interesting things to do, it was what the two of them were doing. Just the two of them being involved in it, face to face, made the whole thing worthwhile.

"So we're not talking about me?"

"Of course not, dope!"

"So.. you didn't like you're vacation?"

"I loved it."

"What did you like best?"

"I realized exactly where I belong."

"And.. where do you belong exactly?"

"A place called home."

Note: A one shot inspired by my vacation. I'm not quite home yet, I've still got a day or two, but I'm rather homesick and was inspired to write this. I'm afraid to say that no matter how hard I did try I couldn't quite get my head around Said the Spider.. The new chapter should be out soon after I do get home, however. R&R, C&C, comment, tell me what you think. I value every little piece of advice,and opinion.