Title: The Earth and the Wind

The unknown meeting is now ever fleeting

From consciences old and gray,

And from hearts which are alive and beating,

They must tell their story today

Of the secret affair of the earth and the air,

Who loved one another many ages ago.

How the earth and the wind use to deeply care

Is something few truly do know.

It began very simply, as these things do,

When the earth was still solid, and the wind, it still flew.

For although they touched night and day,

The two were always going and blowing away

Until one still day, in the month of May,

When the wind was quite tired and decided to stay.

And so, hello it said to the earth near below

And to the green leafy plants beginning to show,

And the earth soon returned with a cheerful g'day,

And he asked the wind if he wanted to stay.

And so it began in simplest terms in that one cheerful May

When the wind said hello to the earth and the clay.

At first they were friends greeting each as such,

With the wind getting swifter and the earth growing lush.

They were close in years and grew closer with age

Until they were no longer children oh so young and sage.

And the two would, at times grow moody and tragic,

Each, in their own way, wreaking great havoc--

The earth with its quakes and the wind with its gusts,

Destroying creation with their rages and lusts,

Until the two took to each as more than a friend,

And a love affair started that they each would defend

With a love that was deeper and purer than most,

And 'twas truly something that each could boast.

They were happy together, each as light as a feather

Growing lighter and lighter each day,

And although there were fights in some days and some nights

Together, 'twould seem, they would stay.

And day by day, no deft division would divide the pair,

And they rejoiced in these times so bright and fair.

But not all were so happy, blithe and bright,

And a fall, 'twould seem, was yet in sight.

For throughout the time the two had spent together deep in love,

Thing's were not all so happy below and above.

People and places were reaching disgraces,

And lamented in these dark, demented days.

For through starving moans and funeral bell groans,

Pestilence, flooding rain, and lack of grain,

The soil seemed fit only yet to bury the bones

Of the dreary dead of those insane.

Windmills slowed as the green withered growth.

Ceasing and deceasing like some like some dying oath.

And the ruined towns littered the earth like crowns,

A dearth in all but decay.

But the lovers cared little for the death all around,

And heard not a note of its suffering sound,

Until one fall day when the wind was making its way

To see what friend earth had to say.

This time he saw and heard the deep call

Of the suffering of it all.

And he asked a peasant why things weren't pleasant,

And he replied with a deep lament.

"'Tis you and the earth in this affair we call love

"Who have forgotten we people and stayed up above.

"If you truly love then you must divide

"Before everything here has died."

But the wind was quite jealous and remained overzealous

And returned with an angry retort:

"It is you who are jealous, and you who are zealous!

"It is you who warps and distorts!"

And so after this angry altercation,

The wind wet without revelation

To continue its meeting with its beloved earth,

Moving unheeding throughout chaos and dearth.

And then he told his love his story

And said how the people were unsettled and gory,

And the earth listened with care and with thought

And felt guilty about the destruction they'd wrought,

And so she stated, not much elated,

"We were ill fated and never were meant to be.

"For we can not go on loving when there is so much at steak.

"We have to end it now for everyone's sake."

Now, the wind was irate, but he cold not debate

Because his love was more than his hate,

And although he dissented, he quickly relented,

And they went off upon their final date.

The date went well despite the hell that seemed to stalk them all the way,

But by the end they knew that they couldn't stay,

And away they went, to fix and prevent the death they had seen and heard,

And now, though they touch both day and night.

They never speak a word.

And that is why my child

The earth is still so lush and wild,

And that is why my friend

The wind and the earth never were wed.