Knowing Your Gone

Knowing your gone has made me feel a bit melancholy.

When I first heard that you left,

I was not shocked.

But the second time I heard it,

I was surprised and could not believe it.

I told myself I was not in denial.

But then how could I feel so heartless?

I told myself I was not a coldhearted person.

But I still could not believe it.

I still talked to people normally,

But inside I felt empty.

It was not until I walked into your classroom

That I felt the immediate sadness.

It was disheartening and depressing.

I felt my heart twitch and squeeze in alarm,

My teardrops fell to the desk uncontrollably.

I was disconsolate.

Everyone was in silence.

All I could here was

Breathing, Weeping.

Signs that everyone was still alive.

I was still alive.

But you were not.

I thought, "How a person can be taken from this world so fast?"

And people still go on living the way they do?

This was the third time I had experienced this feeling.

This feeling of the unforgettable and how the world,

Everyone does not care about someone's death.

Just groups, never everybody.

Because it is only natural to only care about those

Who relate to us closely.

Whether they were a celebrity or a friend.

But you were our teacher.

And I can still remember your words,

The songs you played during class time.

I still can see you giving your speeches of history.

I can still hear what you wish to do this summer.

I can still hear what you want to do for the rest of your life.

You told us all this.

And I am sure we will remember for you always,

Because now you have become history.

I can live on despite the world missing you.

But there still is a feeling of emptiness,

That I must admit is getting filled quickly.

With other things, that relate more closely to me,

Because I am human.

And the world will always live on without us.

"But what if I die?"

I think this since I am human.

And that thought will always subside in my mind,

Because I am human.

I just wish I could have talked to you more before you left.

But all I could think of standing before the unforeseen was,

"Peace man".

But if I could change that,

It would be,

"We will remember you".

And you know what?

We do.