that little voice inside

by, Cassandra

Sit down, put up and shut up.
It's no use, and you know it's true.
Never going to break through,
never going to make a mark.
You just aren't enough.

You've got a fighting spirit, darlin',
but only when you fight against yourself.
You're just a little liar, honey,
and it's only a matter of time…
one day, they'll see you through.

Where's your backbone when you need it?
The only way out is through everything
you've never had the strength to face.
Tell them the truth, darling dear.
It's the only way you'll ever be free.

You hate me.
I love you.
You adore me.
I abhor you.

Just a little puppet on a string.
Just a few words on a screen.
Just a lie that you have told.
An empty hand that no one holds.

I hate you.
You love me.
I adore you.
You abhor me.

And now that we've got that straight;
sit down, put up and shut up…
we're not wasting time again.

a/n: and this is one voice that I'm going to find a way to kill... someday. someday.