Give me love.

That is all I ask.

Can you help me?

Show me kindness.

Is this the road I'm taking?

Is this the path I need?

A path that leads to me

And for all eternity?

I fear being alone,

But I like it a lot.

I love to be alone at home

Watching TV.

I love to be alone at home

Drawing what comes through me.

I might appear obnoxious

But I'm really not.

I am just expressing myself

Through self distraught .

I am being shy to hide

My infidelities.

I want to hide all of

My insecurities.

I want to express my self

Like the bumblebee.

It rages, and rages

And attacks right at me.

It flies, and flies

Beyond the wisest eyes.

It flies, and flies

To the pulsing skies.

It dies, and dies

Once it stings through me.

I want to help everybody.

But how can I do that?

When I can not help my self

From falling back.

I take an interest in everyone

Because everyone has a purpose.

I love thee and thee love me,

That's all I have to promise.


I say that word a lot.

But I would rather,

Hear that word,

More than I do now.