Rejection is why I fear to love

Rejection is why I fear to hate

Rejection is why I fear to forgive

Rejection is why I fear to apologize

I hope one day that someone will show me that rejection is not all that difficult

And I'm talking about heavy rejection, that will make your heart ache

For long lonely days, tearful nights, solemn weeks, agonizing months, terrifying years

Not the rejection of getting the lead part in a play or the star role in a musical

The rejection of a friend turning against you for a reason still unknown

The fear of rejection that stops you from telling someone you like them

The rejection of being alone in a world you dare to dream in forever

It may feel like home, but there is always a hole in the heart

So that cold air can blow threw it, and days that go by in an instant

And a gap in the brain that makes you think ahead all the time, wondering

What good or bad things will happen

Someday I hope someone will fill it up

With a kind smile that makes me feel warm inside

Lifts my soul up to the sky

There are friends who guide me the way there now

But I still haven't found them yet

Maybe someday, I'll be truly happy

Until then, I suppose, I must face rejection