I am stuck right now

It is not your fault or mine

It is the world that bites back.

I bleed and try not to cry

But it hurts, and I look pass that.

I hear a harp, guitar and piano

With a soft voice that sings

With a silly little tune.

That brightens my day, like the sun.

It gives me a warm feeling inside

One that no one can bury in the dirt.

They may try, but it will survive.

This music can be in any language,

But it all has the same beat

Just like humans do.

I want to find my true calling

When I think I've found it

Someone close to me dies,

Or fights for there life

Or persuades me to do otherwise.

And all in a days work

I am still stuck, stuck in life

In thinking, in love.

I don't know what bothers me,

But it is something that stops me

Stops me from doing things that

I strive to do.

And like a colorful flower

I bloom and shine through

And onto others around me.

They may pluck my pedals

Or nock me down into the ground

Leave me limping away from the sun.

But I will shine, oh yes I will!

Because when you knock me down

I fight back like a spring

But with love and respect.

And as long as you show me that

Right now, I will respect you

I may ignore you, but I'll respect you.

I may feel empty inside

But I will get my feelings out!

I will free them,

Onto paper, cardboard, stone

Or the computer screen.

I will write, draw and paint

My love, pain and sorrow!

Show the world I exist.

Right now I feel stuck

Like a rat on the sticky paper

Like someone is smothering me

Like an elephant stuck in tar.

But it is the world that holds me back

Back to their standards and customs.

Away from the limits of the universe.

I am stuck right now.

But I will follow their rules

And I'll do what someone tells me

As long as it is the right thing to do.

If I don't I may be put away, shunned

From this world, or I may die

What I feel right now is pain

Pain of some sort, or possibly joy

That exceeds my limitations.

But it hurts whatever it is.

It hurts like you were told "no"

When you asked someone

You really liked out on a date.

It hurts.

But I won't be stuck for long.

When I have found what I am looking for

I won't be lost like a child in a store

Or a soldier at war.

I will be lifted with joy, into the skies

It will show through everything I do.

It will be good and fresh

Like a cool breeze at noon,

In the spring when the fields bloom.

I will jump the barbed wire fence

With passion like someone in love.

And when the sky pauses for me

I'll dance with pleasure

And sway with delight.

I feel love too.

But this love is not for one,

It is for the world!

Though it may be cruel

And swallow you until you are no more

It shows peace, through all the good people

And nice places.

Paradise is there, but only if you find it

Through the mud, darkness and deceit.

I won't worry my life away

Like the man who runs by

With a cell phone in one hand,

And a coffee in the other.

I won't worry about how I'll live tomorrow

When I can live today, to the hour of impression.

When I can make a legacy, today

And only today.

The tragedy is that I am lost

I am stuck.

But I will prevail,

Trough the evil days, and the blackest nights

Through creativity the truest light.

I will prevail

And it shows through everything I do.