It is Bright

When you live life under water (Ba da, ba da da da).

You never can see the sun truly (La la, la la la).

And you had a bad day (ooohhh).

And you let all those feelings away (away).

The world seemed so bright outside (outside).

And now you want to hide (ooohhh).

But you look into the open.

And see that the world is not dark, as it seemed (as it seemed).

And you feel the rock and roll on every spark (every spark).

Every spark (every spark).

Then you get up, and feel the sun, against your face (against your face).

Wonder how life can be this great, outside (la da la da da da).

With this feeling no one can hide.

You get up and shout, I want to fly (I want to fly).

Yes fly high, into the sunny skies (in the sunny skies).

Into the hearts of people walking by (walking by).

And you get the feeling.

Everything is sunny days and cloudy skies (oooooohhhhhh).

But when it rains you still can't hide this feeling inside (da da da da).

This feeling of happiness.

This feeling of love.

Now we get up experience new taste (new taste).

In many different ways (different ways).