BEAT by:-YourShoesDon'tFit-

My feet are in the sand

Obviously, not the most solid place to stand

But I remember, the way you breathe

Late at night, in my ear, little past three

My head rested on the pillow, body tangled in the sheets

I remember the sound of your steady breath

How it always keeps a beat.

Now I'm running in the sand

I know I've been here before

Though I'm breaking like it's unfamiliar land

It didn't burn like this

I wasn't thirsty, I didn't yearn like this

This war has gone on way to long

Where did I lose where I belong?

And now I've broke like I was never strong

I'm running but I've hit a wall

It's holding me

Because I'm too fragile

I'll fall

Now he's holding me in the sand

And he's full of courage even though for him this is unfamiliar land

Blonde hair, Blue eyes, big caring hands

One things certain, though I can hardly see

His heart keeps a beat.

erm, hey.

no matter how many stories I post I'm always nervous to see if anyone likes 'em. so...tell me now. i was planning to give this to my bf. it'll be half a yr(six months) on thursday and iDK i thought it wud be nice if he cud see how he inspires me. l0l

tell me watcha think. ; buh-bye.