We are all monsters. That is the conclusion i have come to. For if we weren't all monsters then there wouldn't be so much pain, right?

But there are obviously different types of monsters. The ones who hurt themselves and the ones that hurt others. I'm not sure if we are predestined to be one or the other or we just find that one thing that sets us off; like a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.

Is it wrong to feel pleasure when your heart hurts so deeply in your chest that it gives you chills. That those painful chills give you something other then pain? Or that you find satisfaction in causing someone else pain; watching their face scrunch up as they cry out? To be fascinated by blood, maybe even as it flows down your own body?

There are things that even the smartest minds can't fathom. The human psyche is one of them.

We are all monsters. That is the truth.

AN: yeah…. Just something my hands possessed me to write at 4 am……