Melancholy Pink Daydreams

Is there another world out there for me?
Is there someone out there I don't see?
Is where I belong somewhere I have yet to find?
Is where I am the beginning of a mystery I must unwind?

I spend countless hours just staring
At those who can expertly fake caring
And wondering at how can anyone pretend
When I'm always sitting at rope's end

I'm only human, and I can only try
But betrayal seems to strike and I
Don't want to bother again and then
I have to explain myself constantly when

It's the fault of those around
For false words, nothing more than sound
That I'd rather not, no, rather not hear
Spare me another time of letting someone get near

Only to turn around and let me go
And sadly, how I always know
How you'll never truly care for me
But I'll still love you. This is how it has to be.