Finally, he felt it.
Finally, it set in.
Heavily it seemed to hit:
It was known then

The message of a soul
Connections far and true
His heart bore a gaping hole;
His eyes a deeper blue.

He knew just what to tell her-
He saw it in his mind.
But he had lost her for sure
And couldn't hit rewind.

Instead he wrote a letter
To remind him of his question.
Knew he wouldn't be better
Until she gave him some direction.

Against his weakened will...
Against all bad things said...
He needed her there still,
Praying they were not dead.

Confrontation was a while
In which he forgot his fears...
Instead of his scripted smile,
His eyes delivered tears.

She stared him down quietly
Observing his remorse.
He wanted her there so desperately...
Her loss would make it worse.

In her eyes, droplets fall
At his inability to conceal.
No longer could he try to stall
How bad he just wanted to heal.

She understood just how wrong
It'd be to simply go away.
She sat him down for a story long
Of how she wouldn't sway.

His heart had grown connected
By emotional telepathy.
Her pain, he suddenly respected
And expressed his sympathy.

She told him the bond
Would never, ever die.
Upon him, it suddenly dawned
On him of how she tried

To sit down and explain
The attachment of the two
No more question in his brain:
He knew what he had to do.

He admitted it all then and there;
Every aspect of his plight
Of just how much he really cared
For the girl who dared to fight.

He asked her if she'd stay
And give him some relief
From all of the nasty dismay
That caused him so much grief.

He looked deep into her eyes
And hoped for all the best.
Positivity was his surprise:
He'd finally get some rest.