Miles Apart

Ripped open heart,
Bonds becoming severed.
Standing miles apart,
Holding on forever.

And there he stands
Faking a happy smile.
No one seems to understand...
His heart, the pain defiles.

Looking through belongings
Hidden in the shelves;
Finding all these painful things
Makes him hurt himself.

He wonders what she'd say
If she ever saw him break...
Wonders if he'll see the day
She'll forgive such a mistake.

Meanwhile she stands alone,
Grasping at the empty air
Making sure it's completely unknown
Just how much she cares.

She walks a lonely beaten path
Eyes kept upon the ground
Knowing that she is but one of half
Who doesn't want her around.

She maintains a line of pain
That she mixes with false hate
Trying to convince her brain
There was nothing to appreciate.

And yet they are together
By holding on with tears so sad;
In a pair, everything they could weather...
But alone could not be glad.

Each day arose without the sun.
Every noon, another piece would die.
Every evening they continued to run.
Each night, they both would cry.

Until the day they came to be
Once more what they were...
This was when they could finally see
Just what they were looking for.