Misted Walkway

I find myself separated
With, before me, a long and winding path
Shrouded in haze
But inviting me to travel
I look back and no one calls me back
And so my feet begin the trip.

The haze at first was cold and blue
Holding onto my hair tightly
As if needing me to keep it living
I shivered and brought my arms in close
Just wanting to keep warm
This haze felt strangely heavy and grew darker still
I felt myself walking blind
Seeing nothing but my feet walking along
Sapphire ground
Pushing through silvery sheets

Then things began to grow warm
And the haze turned the shade of flames
Tickling my arms with needles
That forced me into a dangerous sprint
The ground beneath me crumbled, black and stone
While the rage behind me threatened to swallow me in
My eyes began to roam in a panic
While stinging and bleeding saline crystals
That stood no chance against the heat...

And then it stopped.

The haze was dark and heavy and I shivered
But not from heat or cold
In fact, it was hard to describe
I looked down and found a ledge that pointed me
Towards a beautiful ocean
Pristine and undisturbed
But such a long drop away from me
Almost unreachable in perspective
I turned around to retreat...

The red fury was racing towards me with
The blue chaos close behind
Both striking me at the same time and
Morphing me from stability into insanity
My eyes grew blankly wide and my face devoid
Of expression
The mirror image of what had happened to my mind...

And so I walked.
The tightrope of crumbling earth
The border of sanity and madness -
Living and what lies beyond -
Everything and nothing at all -
The border of existence itself...
I walked parallel it, smiling emptily
As I felt the ground beneath me collapse...

The ground then gave way and I began to descend
Too insane to scream
But mentally sober enough to try
But instead of cries, I laughed pleasantly
Falling off the bed of existence
Shredding through the fabrics of life
Until I disturbed the surface of that lovely ocean
Rippling until placid sanity set in again.

Oh, misted walkway,
I have fallen victim to you
For the very last time...