Eyes straight,
Head high,
Chin up.
Keep it up,
Oh broken soul,
Keep on the mask.

Wear your mask proudly,
Broken soul,
You're waltzing in the parade
And even when
It hurts to dance
Keep right along with
The masquerade.

Bright, swirling colors
Lovely as they seem
Become dulled and painful
When your life has snapped right
At the seams.

Waltz proudly,
Broken soul,
Dance right away from her.
You shine in your mask,
You glitter in the light,
You smile in the daytime,
You break in the night.

The mask must stay
It may never fall.
Never let them see you sway,
Remember to forget to call.

She dances on
On broken glass
Barefooted and in pain.
She holds back the tears,
Seeming way too brass,
Yet her eyes, they are the rain.

How could it be
That you have shattered

But never will
The parade come to its end.
Fallen to the ground now,
Is the mask by which we depend.
Trampled by all the rest,
Downward we descend.

Dance away from her
Go on and make your name.
It all goes on
It all goes away
Except the pain remains.

How could it be
That you have destroyed

Throw the mask now,
To the ground,
Run from the masquerade.
Screaming now without a sound,
Mocking is the parade.

She's still there,
Dancing right along.
With tears in her eyes,
Her heart now all wrong.

Twisted and turned,
Loved and spurned,
Broken inside,
From pain deep churned.

It's in your heart,
Will never leave your soul,
When you find you've departed
From your entire world.

How can it be.
You went and destroyed