The sun may shine but there is no light;
The rain will fall but there is no ground.
There is a war but no one dares to fight;
There is laughter but there is no sound.

She opens her eyes but she is blind.
She opens her mouth but has no voice.
She tries to think but has lost her mind.
She makes a decision but has no choice.

There is no wind to brush through the air
That hangs stagnant and nearly dead.
There is emptiness everywhere in nowhere...
It kills the world instead.

And there she sits in her little void of space
Staring with two mirrors of broken glass.
There's an expression of nothing upon her face
As she holds a heart of rusted brass.

And is it true that she even exists,
Or is she just an elaborate fabrication
Of someone who finally decided to quit
Using its heart's imagination?