Not Farewell

I'm watching you walk away
Heading down the familiar trail
I feel forbidden and I feel banished
As I peer along the trail I must scale

I see you watching me
From the other side of the wall
You reach out to touch me
As I do the same
But all we receive is stone and brick
All we can do is look through the glass of separation

I know this is not farewell I'm saying
But yet it feels the syllables escape anyway
Green eyes flood with burning droplets
A heart feels as if it weighs a ton
Sinking down into the pits of a soul
That feels torn away from the compass that set it
Straight down the path

I know this is not farewell
But I'm watching you walk away
A year from the past has come back to today
To isolate us...

This isn't farewell...
Not farewell...
But this is how it seems...