Not to be Untangled

Taking it all in,
Two worlds existing here.
There is no way to win
When the story's just so clear.

There was a horrid scream-
A fight brewing between two,
Carried on into a dream
Where lies can become true.

He opens his eyes.
His breathing causes pain.
His dream bothers not to die,
Puncturing his brain.

Trapped in both places,
This is where he stands.
Mental haunts, angry faces,
Flying over barren lands.

Coming in from left and right
Flying at violent speeds,
Bring forward blinded sight
Of warnings no one heeds.

He thrashes and flails,
But it is of no help.
Silence covers up his wails
And no one hears his yelps.

Two dimensions tangle
With anger and upset,
Until by the neck he dangles
To validate his regret.

While she dares to sleep,
The worlds again start to meld,
Plunging her into the keep
Of all the pain held.

It's dark and it's cold
With echoes in the hall
Bones of the young and old,
Spirits that did fall.

Walk forward is wrong
And backwards, incorrect.
Corridors empty and long
Pulling all her defects.

Crumbled now to the floor
Her head tight in her hands.
Knowing now he is no more,
Oh God, she understands.

There is no place to retreat
When death has a grasp.
Instead succumbed to the defeat,
Her breath a final gasp.

The nightmare twice had won
When she began to cry.
Put to her head a loaded gun-
The trigger made her die.

Golden hair in a red pond
Lays across the bed
No more can either respond
To the screams inside their head.

There was no hope here,
No strength to be rangled.
The dream made it crystal clear-
It was not to be untangled.