Of Blatant Disregard

In the corner sitting there
Alone with distant eyes
He pretends to show he doesn't care
But the heart within him cries.

Lost his true friend long ago
And believed the others to be true
Wasn't long before they would show
The damage deception could do.

He turned into a statue stone;
Locked himself into a vault.
Living life now all alone:
Punishment for his ugly faults.

He declared he wasn't sad
And life was wonderfully fine;
Refused to admit he'd went mad
When his anger dared to shine.

One day he could take no more
And set out to hunt her down.
Couldn't let her walk out the door
To disappear in shadows of the town.

It was a denial strong and sharp
He kept close to his chest
This was wrong, his brain would harp
But his heart knew what was best.

He met her in an empty field
With tears shining bright
No longer could he try to yield;
No longer could he fight

Every law had spoken
That her presence was wrong.
But his self-control was broken
Having lacked her for so long.

But she was cold and distant
Her eyes gone far away
And it was for just an instant
That he filled up with dismay

He tried to say a word
But it choked up in his throat.
Before his message could go unheard
He wrote it in a note-

A message in crying spheres,
A look upon the ground.
Looking down in total fear
Of making the wrong sound.

And for a little while
The two sat alone
Until she dared to smile
And make her feelings known.

Despite it being against the law
With harsh punishments overhead
They'd let the cards dare to draw
And enjoy happiness instead.