Out of Control

Floating wildly up and down
While spinning side to side
Death fall in an unforgiving town
Where all the demons hide...

Twisted, spinning, ugly pain
Stabbing madly with red hues
Lost all senses to the brain
When violent insanity ensues.

Spinning in rapid descent
Aiming for a rocky ground
Oh, how control is absent
With screaming the only sound!

The pit below is black,
And the ground bears only ice.
Comfort is now what you lack...
And death will kindly suffice.

Take a little blade,
Place it on the pulsing street.
Admire warming crimson shades
Pooling at your feet.

Oh, and stare up to the sky
And pray for better days!
Never let them hear you cry
Or relief you will betray!

From your eyes dies many tears
And life pours from the wound
Throwing away the wasted years
Knowing you'll be resting soon.

And on the day of your sleep
Your bed is but a simple grave
Of all the secrets you died to keep;
And memories you couldn't save.

And how sad will they be
To hear the tragic story whole
How blind they were, never to see
Just how you lost control?