The blossoms are blooming

And colors explode,

And though darkness is looming,

I have time for this ode.

Although the sun may set in sadness,

Plunged into neutral night.,

Remember there is gladness—

Somewhere there is light.

The tears that roll down a cheek

Do not fall in vain.

They come to both the strong and weak,

United in their pain.

I have seen goodness, heroism, love!

Seen it with my very eyes!

I have seen it below and above,

From sunset to sunrise.

There is kindness in this world of gloom,

Hidden here and there.

Yes, the flowers are in bloom,

Shining forth their colors' flair.

Rejoice, remember, don't forget!

From shadows we are from,

Led to light by our regret,

By our own sorrows,

Our joys, our life, and our deaths—

There is unity in our very breaths.

We have time for caring,

Time for sharing and love!

We have time for living and giving,

Time for quests to understand all—below and 'bove!

There is time for this ode,

And time to rejoice!

Time to remember and time to make choice!

Ley down your arms for war,

Pick up your pens for peace.

We have time for loving,

But time for killing has to cease.

We have time for odes, but never goads.

There's time to hug, but never mug.

There's time to be still, but never kill,

Whoever the victim may be.

I love and lose as we all do,

For we are all human, and that is all true.

I hate and I hurt, and act selfishly too,

But remember, and never forget,

Here we stand, united, from our love to our regret!