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The Other Society
(Chapter Two)

Chapter Two - Part One

"In other news," a distorted, broken female voice said, "the Dresjen roaming about Chicago still has not been caught. The sightings of this animal continues on a daily basis, mostly occurring at night, and it had apparently made an appearance some time last night when Police Officials found traces of the animal in a crime scene. Doctor Ezell, a scientist of the Zwatimy Corporation, was found dead on Sixteenth Street sometime early this morning. The cause of death has not been released nor if it was the animal that caused it, the building he had been found in front of however held the doctor's research materials where he had been conducting various tests on Human skin tissue. Whether he had been testing the tissues for re-growth purposes or cloning is not known. The Zwatimy Corporation on the other hand are denying all allegations that they had been involved with the research he was conducting there. Wildlife Officials are saying the reason the animal was around the area was due that it had most likely been passing by and became curious at what was happening, or what had happened. The animals are socially active and curious of their surroundings, but Wildlife Officials are still saying to not approach the animal or feed it. And if you, or anyone you know, find the location of where the animal sleeps to inform the police immediately."

A sad moan came from the back seat of the car as the woman on the radio carried on and a young girl's voice asked with worry. "Is, Bo, going to be all right?"

The Native American teenage girl sitting beside her comforted her by rubbing her shoulders. "He'll be okay, Alice. He can take better care of himself out there then we can."

She looked to the darkly tanned teen girl, her eyes watery. "But what if he hurts someone? They'll try and kill him then."

"I don't think he'll hurt anyone," Sammy said, looking to the red-headed and freckled faced, Alice, in the rear-view mirror of her car. "He's too nice to hurt anyone. If anything, he'll just bother them for food."

The black-skinned teen seated beside Sammy puffed. "Speaking about food," she said, "we need to put him on a diet. He's getting fat. If we feed him anymore, he'll be too fat to fly."

The Native American looked to the teen seated by Sammy. "You're the one who feeds him junk food. At least we feed him meats and fruits."

"And speaking about fruits." Sammy added, "Did anyone remember to get him a Pineapple?"

"Yep," The girl seated by Sammy chided, "It's already taken care of." Meaning she was the one whom bought the Pineapple.

Then Sammy asked. "What about fish?"

The Native American replied, "I got some Trout. Couldn't get anything big."

"I got some Chicken Livers and Apples." Alice added.

"And I got the Potato Chips." Said the girl whom sat beside Sammy.

Sammy frowned, "You do know, you just admitted to your own guilt."

She looked to Sammy, "It's not like I fed him junk food the first time. He stole my candy bar."

"Hey," Alice said, "isn't Jenny's little brother selling candy bars for his Cub Scout Troop?"

Now Sammy rolled her eyes. "Ciarra is right. Bo's getting too fat. If he gains anymore weight then he won't have a quick take off anymore, the poor thing is just going to have to stick with fruits and veggies from now on."

The four teens had been friends since they were about five-years-old, all even lived on the same street of their nice and large, gated neighborhood community.

There was Alice, an only child, the baby of them, being only a year younger, sixteen, she followed her three friends around just like they were her older sisters, and because she was smart, she was in the same grade as they were. Then there was Angela, the Native American, though her friends seen her only as a true friend, she was the second to oldest by a couple months between Ciarra and Sammy, she being seventeen and was the goof of the entire bunch with two younger brothers. Ciarra was the third oldest, still being seventeen, she was the wild child of the bunch and adorned the attention of men, this though was due to the fact she lost her Father from cancer at ten, and studies said that girls without Fathers subconsciously sought after the attention of men more so than those still with Fathers, and it was just her, her Mother and older sister, and even her sister was away at college. Sammy was the eldest among them, she turning eighteen in only two months, it was because of her age that she, in a way, became the leader of their bumbling goofy bunch, she too being an only child but had the strictest of parents out of all of them.

Sammy pulled into the parking lot of the high school and wondered why the place was packed. Yeah it was a public school, but the majority were students, and like the average student, they all didn't flock to school at once. The typical behavior of the average student was to try and avoid school. She couldn't even get to her spot close to the front doors from a big white utility van being parked there, and beside that was another, and another beside that one.

What was going on?

Getting a glimpse at the side of the van and seen a local Chicago TV station logo on the side of it.

"What's going on?" Ciarra asked.

"Maybe someone died?" Angela questioned.

And everyone, Sammy, Ciarra and Alice turned to their friend who sat in the back seat giving her blank stares.

Angela looked to everyone and blinked. "What? It was just a joke."

"Come up with some better material." Inserted Alice, making everyone in the new modeled red Camaro laugh.

"So where am I going to park now?" Sammy asked, directed to anyone who would answer back and give a decent, coherent answer. "This place is too crowded right now. If this car gets a scratch or dent, my Dad will kill me."

Angela pulling herself over the front seats and shoving her head between Sammy and Ciarra. "You say that all the time, yet you still live."

Smirking, Sammy lifted a hand, placed it over Angela's entire face and pushed her back. "Shut up, Angela." She joked. "Seriously though, where am I going to park?"

"You could park on the other side of the school." Alice answered.

"Yeah, but I don't want to walk two miles just to get to our Lockers. " That was an exacerbation of course, they would still have to walk at least a couple hundred feet just to get to where their classes were located.

"Just, drive around and look for a spot." Angela added. "I'm sure your Dad will understand if something does happen. You do take good care of your car after all, he should know that at least."

Sammy sighed, turned the steering wheel and started driving around the giant parking lot.

"There's one." Ciarra, Alice and Angela spat out together making Sammy jump in her seat and foot to jerk, slamming on the gas causing the car to speed up in the crowded parking lot and came to jarring stop, inches from hitting another vehicle.

Heart racing, hands having a death grip on the steering wheel and face red, she screamed out in anger, "Will you three calm down!" Even though it was she who at the moment needed calming down.

They all looked to Sammy, shocked and speechless.

"Okay," Angela blurted, "I take it back. You're not a careful driver. You're crazy, a crazy lady!" The girl yelled in the car. "Quick, everyone, run for lives!"

Annoyed with her obnoxious friend, she bared her teeth and growled then shrieked over her friend at the top of her lungs. "Knock it off!"

Angela backing down, "Jeez, I was just joking."

Now she was about to explode and questioned her friend insanely, "Joking? Just joking? I nearly wrecked the car that I so desperately begged from my Dad. And you say you're "just joking?"

Angela's facial expression was locked in pale fright.

Sammy turning around and gazing angrily at her friend, she let their gaze linger before she spoke, "Angela . . ." she stopped and waited for a reply.

Angela swallowed hard. "Yeah?" She squeezed out like a frightened mouse.

Closing her eyes and smiling with cheer. "Gotchya."

Now Angela was the angry one. "Not funny, Sammy." But it was apparently funny so when Alice and Ciarra started laughing. Then Sammy started laughing and was eventually joined in by Angela.

The relaxed atmosphere within the vehicle gradually died down and everyone had seeped back to reality. She still had to find a parking spot.

Finding one, she parked the car, turned it off and everyone exited. As she enabled the alarm on her car, the first school bell rang. That meant they had two more rings before class started.

The first bell rang once, five minutes later it would ring twice and after another five minutes, a total of fifteen minutes, it would ring three times.

Turning from her car, they all walked to the school together. Sammy noting two more Vans off in the distance.

The four, Senior High School teens, wore the usual school uniforms in late spring, sporting the colors of their school, a three-button, purple woman's blouse tucked into their tanned skirts, the skirts hemmed two inches above their knees with purple socks and dark brown tennis shoes. It didn't matter the style of tennis shoes, just as long as they were athletic or casual shoes that was either a light tan color, dark brown, or brown with purple in it.

None of the girls had their hair done up very fancy-like since later on during the day they all would be in gym, sweating, then would shower right afterwards.

Sammy's long blonde hair pulled back by a large hair band keeping her bangs out of her small amber eyes and but still had her bangs puffing up some from the extreme amount of hairspray she had used earlier, and had her Mom make a loose fitted, basic three strand braid.

It didn't give her a dorky look, something she was not looking for, but gave a cool, relaxed look. Her round face, soft cheeks, small nose and lips, and small curvy toned body added to that cute look on her abnormally orange hue, tanish looking skin.

A lot of guys told her she looked cute, even her own Dad and Mom. Of course. But no one had ever told her she looked beautiful. For once, she wished someone would say she looked beautiful instead of cute, or pretty. People called her cute so many times it was driving her to the brink of insanity.

And most girls with blonde hair normally had either green or blue eyes. Hers were that amber, light brown color because of being a Heuristic Baby.

Back before she was born, an epidemic swept through Chicago, and other parts of the United States, where the birth had dropped eighty percent in a time frame of five years. Yeah there were still a lot of people, but very few were children five years and younger, it wasn't that people weren't having sex, many were, but it was just becoming harder for people to bare children anymore from internal deformities: low sperm count, narrow uterus, half the men and women were sterile among other natural problems. Each city took action with how they saw fit, even the President of the United States took action, everyone was concerned with how it could affect the future population and economy. Even the idea of not being able to bare children anymore was becoming unsettling to half the nation.

That was when the Yanu Corporation asked to lend a helping hand. Living in Chicago themselves as a family owned business, they were well aware of the problem, and owning their own medical clinics, many of the family members having their own Doctoral Degree in medicine, manufactured their own medical supplies and had ties with hospitals all around they world, not to mention being a billion dollar corporation, they were welcomed to help out with open arms.

Her Mom and Dad having their own problems, they volunteered. The testing was a success, but in the process had been told they could create their daughter to look anyway they wanted too through the use of new technology, hence she was born with an unusual orange hue tone with amber eyes, blonde hair and a naturally toned and curvy body, because her parents wanted her to be born cute and healthy.

And because of the Yanu Corporation, it was they whom discovered why it all had happened. Most of the internal deformities was hereditary from the previous generation that lacked in healthy hygiene, and that didn't mix well with the pollution at the time which resulted in the side affects on their children. The problem couldn't be cured, but it could be helped and nursed through medical treatments where people could have healthy babies that wouldn't experience the problems of their parents.

The Mayor at the time, overly pleased with how the family acted so diligently had given them the honor to give the problem, and solution, a name, and it was named, Heuristic, in short meaning: A method that normally leads to a quick solution. Then the family was looked upon even more highly by the entire country, given one award after another by the President and was even bestowed the Key to the City by the mayor of Chicago.

Even though the Yanu Corporation was, in a way, her savior, she thought it to be scary and creepy, knowing that some high and mighty family was the only reason why she existed. This wasn't god that gave her life, but some people with a couple of syringes and fancy new machinery. Just thinking about made her stomach churn and skin crawl.

Walking a few feet, they all came to a sudden stop when finding the front doors swarming with media. There wasn't one, two or three but about five to six T.V. crews. Maybe even more.

Alarming fright had Sammy's knees locked in place and feet glued to the cement.

"Come on, girl." Ciarra encouraged as she placed both hands on her friend's shoulder from behind and began pushing, making her move forward.

"Parking on the other side of the school doesn't sound like a bad idea right now." Sammy said very unsteadily

"I believe it was you who suggested we enter from here." Angela stated.

"Yeah," Sammy now about to scream in terror as they neared the giant mass of people, "but that was something, like, five minutes ago. People can change their minds pretty quick you know."

"You opened your mouth." Angela said as she too started to help with the pushing. "So you're going to eat your own words."

Now Sammy squealed and turned around but was caught by Ciarra and Angela, "I can take the side door, that would work."

Alice stepping in now. "You're only a couple of feet from the doors now, just make a run for it."

The words clicked in her head as an idea. "Good idea." Turning around, she looked over the mass of people then looked at the School Police who were guarding the doors from the media then focused her attention to the doors. Taking in a deep breath, she held onto her bag for dear life and took off like a bat out of hail. Nearing the edge of the crowd, she called out loudly for everyone to hear. "Excuse me!"

As she expected, the people shifted their footing to turn around giving her the advantage of knocking them off balance where they would stumble and shuffle from her running momentum.

Reaching the doors, the Police were nice enough to open the doors for her, and once reaching inside she stopped, placed her hands on her knees and inhaled deeply, so scared she almost forgot to breathe.

Thank god the door windows were tinted. And who said Science would never serve anyone after school? Then again, she was still in school, literally.

Not knowing why, but for some bizarre reason, she had a fear of cameras. Chicago was a big bustling place, so there was always someone with a microphone in front of a camera on some sidewalk or in a mall that was trying to reach the opinion of people passing by for whatever dumb reason they were initially out there for. Having tried talking once in a similar situation some years back on the sidewalk but she froze with fright and could do nothing but stutter incoherently. The displeased expression the guy holding the microphone gave her didn't help either.

"Miss. Kendlewood." A familiar female voice spat, making her snap to attention and draw in her breath once again.

Every time she heard that voice, it always resulted in her being called to the office because she had done something wrong or didn't do something she was suppose to. She even heard it when she was talking or laughing too loud, or even running down the halls. That right there didn't make sense, the teachers didn't want their students to be late for class, yet a student couldn't run to keep from being late.

She looked to the Vice Principle, Mrs. Ingle, her silver hair pulled into a high bun on top her head and a plastic Bun Holder keeping it in place with a plastic pin sticking through, her fifty-year-old face painted with a ton a make-up and wore a plain gray dress with a black belt wrapped around her ticklish waist, an outfit that only grannies wore any more.

Though her aged eyes had seen many years, they could still kill with one look, and it was that look that made her quiver at the knees. The lady was generally a nice person, she wasn't abusive nor mean, but did take her job very seriously as Vice Principle, hence why no one dared making fun of her to her face.

Students now these days disrespected their elders and authority by doing such things, but no one got passed her or Principle Victoria. If anyone tried disrespecting them in such a way then they would be paddled publicly in the auditorium, no matter the age of the student. And it was that occurrence of theirs that caught the attention of the media in the past and had put the school in the news for being one of the few schools that still paddled students.

"Yes, Mrs. Ingle?" She answered with a question, scared to death that she was getting in trouble for something she forgot to do last Friday.

Alice, Angela and Ciarra now coming through the doors, stumbling in line behind her.

"Miss. Johnson." Mrs. Ingle said to Angela making her snap to attention also.

"Yes, Mrs. Ingle?" She too answering with a question, her voice filled with fear.

"You two ladies come with me."

"Yes ma'am." The two said together, and neither of them sounding the least bit enthused to be doing so.

They were led through the massive hallway and taken about fifty feet until coming to a door-less doorway and led into the Front Office, walking past desk after desk. Four desks. The came to a wooden door with bold black lettering on the stain glass, "Principle Victoria" it wrote.

Both swallowed hard and held their breath as they walked in.

Stepping into the fair sized, windowless office and were met by three people, one being Principle Victoria, she, a middle-aged woman whom dressed in a warm grey business suit, her black hair pulled back into a pony tail showing her thirty-year-old, pretty face, and the other two were people they had never seen at the school before, one sitting in the office's crème colored upholstered lounge chair, face hidden by a purple ball cap and dressed in School Uniform, the other a big man with his arms crossed standing beside whomever was sitting in the chair.

The man caught their attention right off the bat, his long body frame thick and unbelievably muscular, looking like a body builder, his head also long and thick with a square bone structure and small, beady black eyes that stared them down, his black hair cut to the scalp on both sides leaving the light peachy skin to shine, the hair on top pulled back into a thin and shiny ponytail disappearing behind him, looking to have no neck, just bulging shoulders that were connected to his head and biceps that looked like they had cannon balls stuffed in them from his arms being crossed, his waist thin with hefty and bulging thighs. He, dressed in an un-tucked, blue-collared button down shirt, pale cool brown slacks and Velcro sandals.

Their eyes widened in shock at the man, not because of how he looked, but because of who he was. It was Vic Mali. Hann Phizaar Mali's body guard.

Sammy looked down to the person sitting in the chair and already knew who it was, there was no need to see him, if Vic was around, then so was Hann, Hann never went anywhere without Vic and Vic always followed Hann.

Everyone in Chicago knew who the Mali family was, being related to the Yanu family and assisting them whenever possible, they were just as popular.

"No way!" Angela cried out in pure excitement. "You're Vic Mali."

Sammy frowned, she couldn't help but reply to her friend's dumb innocence. "Duh, genius. Who else would he be?"

Angela's eyes suddenly got misty and looked to the boy sitting in the chair. "Then that means . . ."

"Please, Miss. Johnson," Principle Victoria interrupted, "mind your manners. Mr. Mali is shy."

"So it is him." She continued.

"I called the two of you in here because Mr. Mali is taking all the classes as the two of you. I was hoping you two could show him around the school."

Now Angela screamed in joy. "Are you serious?"

Sammy's reaction was different, she suddenly felt that gut wrenching fear of cameras, dozens and dozens of cameras. And, if Hann was going to hang around them, then who was going hang around the the five of them? She could just imagine cameras popping over the window seal trying to take a picture of Hann during class. Luckily though all their classes consisted with being inside. But Hann had a habit of attracting unneeded attention to himself, he had a serious problem with people and was always starting fights. She knew this from the news, he was the kind of person who he let his fists do the talking for him. And there was plenty of teens here who were dumb enough to get into a fight with him just to boast that they did get in a fight with him, it wouldn't even matter who won.

This was going to be a disaster.

"Miss. Kendlewood?" Principle Victoria question in concern, "Is this all right with you?"

Flustered, she fumbled around for what she wanted to say without offending Hann to his face. "Uh, are you sure this is a good idea?"

Principle Victoria, Vic and Angela looked to her, their faces all saying something different and she momentarily backed down but not before shooting back a comment, realizing how she said it. "I mean, not that I don't want to show him around. It's just, what about the other students? There's a lot of people here, and Hann Mali," she paused briefly, "well, he's not exactly a people person."

Principle chuckled. "I am surprised with you , Miss. Kendlewood. You are so smart to think of something so delicate, yet you yourself have an insatiable habit of being sent to my office repeatedly."

Blushing, she scratched the back of her head. "Oh, that. Well, a kid's got to be a kid. Can't be one forever." Hoping her comment would throw Principle Victoria off subject.

It was right after all. She knew what she was and wasn't allowed to do, but couldn't help it. Sometimes, it just felt so right to do something so wrong. It's not like she got in trouble all the time. She just felt like having that unruly fun every once in a while.

Principle Victoria smirked. "That is why I'm giving Mr. Mali a three chance pass. If he is ever called to the office three times for fighting, then that third time he will be expelled." Her train of her voice elevating on that last sentence while turning to him.

She crossed her arms and leaned down to him. "And I am well aware Mr. Mali that you know all the rules. One of them being, no hats allowed. Even if they are sporting our own school colors." She had reached for the bill of the cap to remove it but was stopped all of a sudden by Vic who shot forward grabbing her wrist in a blur.

His movement alone had all of them jumping, then they stood in shock at the defensive way he was gripping her wrist, keeping her from touching Hann. His hand so big his fingers were overlapping each other, apparent of how easily he could break her wrist with a squeeze.

That is when Hann moved and spoke, he looking up to his bodyguard. "It's okay, Vic," His thrumming voice having that boyish, cracked sound to it, "she wasn't going to hurt me. You can let her go."

Doing as he was instructed, he released his grip on her wrist, straightened himself, let his arms dangle at his sides and looked to Hann. The look on his face showing like he was patiently waiting for another order.

Then Hann stood and removed his cap revealing his bizarre looking face. "I apologize for Vic's actions, Mrs. Victoria, he does not allow strangers to touch me."

Principle Victoria looked scared just as much as she looked shocked and confused.

This was the first time Sammy had ever seen her like this, but just as soon as it had happened, Principle Victoria regained her composure and was back to her serious side. "Mr. Mali, Vic, will have to get use to it. School is the only time when the two of you will be separated."

A sense of sadness washed across Hann's pale face and looked down to the Principle's feet. "Yes, Mrs. Victoria, I understand." And the room stayed silent, but only for a few moments before he spoke again, this time to his bodyguard. "Vic, tell her you're sorry for grabbing her and that you understand we have to be separated."

Shock washed across the bodyguard's face and looked to the kid, all out flustered at what he was just told. "B-But . . . " His deep voice began to stutter.

"Vic," Hann snapped, "just do it."

Now the bodyguard jumped and turned to the Principle, looking almost, embarrassed to speak to her. "Mrs. Victoria, I apologize for grabbing you in such an ill mannered way and I do understand that Hann and I must be separated for a period of time while he is attending his classes."

He may not have looked like he wanted to say it, but his words sure did have that sorry-full and understanding meaning to them.

Now she looked cured and stood with every bit of confidence now, "Thank you, Mr. Mali. Now if you don't mind, Hann has classes to attend." Then she looked to Hann.

Knowing what had to be done, Hann reached down to the cushioned chair at his right and grabbed his bag that had been hidden, stuffed his hat in it then stopped and looked to Principle Victoria. "Mrs. Victoria may I have some privacy with Vic?"

Principle Victoria smiled and nodded politely. "Of course."

Sammy and Angela had been half led half pushed out by Mrs. Ingle with Principle Victoria right behind them. The door closing behind them and they waited.

Minutes later, Vic emerged from the door first, he having to squeeze his tall and large bulking frame through and even duck, most likely very use to walking through some doors and having hit his head on top of the door frame, then he was followed by Hann.

When standing next to Vic, he looked like a kid compared to him. The top of his head reaching just below Vic's chest. And if wasn't Vic's strange size that attracted attention then it was Hann's face.

Her generation had grown up hearing all about Hann, and his condition.

What stuck out first was his skin pigment, it was a very pale peach color, and the veins showing under his skin looked like he had taken a blue marker to his skin, other areas they looked liked bruises, but it was all blue, red and purple veins. Then there was his boney feature, when up close and personal like this, he looked almost like Frankenstein's monster: A small flat forehead, sloping eye sockets that arched in the middle, blue eyes nestled deep into his skull, long and heavy cheek bones that just about stuck out of his skin, a long head, his neck was nothing more than bone, veins and cartilage. More veins could be seen overlapping his collar bone from what parts she could see around his opened shirt collar. He was skinny on top of it all, and because he was a guy, there was natural muscle formation, so his skin was almost poking out of a body that was nothing more than bone and muscle. His short black hair soft and feathery, slicked back without the use of gels or hairspray with a few stray strands falling out of place and onto his forehead.

The four of them had discussed it before. Though Hann had a very bizarre look about him, he had an attractive, manly feature to him.

His Father, Hann Mali Sr., wanted to make sure that everyone knew his condition wasn't contagious, not even hereditary, it was just a fluke of DNA grouping that caused him to look like what he did. He having made a simple explanation of how there had been a miscommunication of one strand of DNA to another, when one told everything to grow, the other said not to. But not only did it affect his height and bone configuration, but also his internal organs, his heart was one size larger than what it was suppose to be and his lungs was one size smaller, he had continuous kidney and bladder problems not too mention asthma. The guy was a walking problem and there was not one doctor that could help him because of having such a very rare blood type, he could not receive a new kidney or heart. So, he was forced to carry on through life, confined to inhalers, medicines and daily visits to the hospital, even had to where an Inhaler Mask Unit all day, everyday, that acted as his inhaler, regulated his breathing and filtered out anything in the air that could cause him to cough and upset the breathing rhythm of his lungs. His life was like an open book to everyone in Chicago.

She remembered one time, she was about seven-years-old when she was watching TV and a Special Bulletin came on reporting about how Hann stopped breathing one time in a restaurant and was later revived in the bathroom. Someone had even sent a video to the News Station from their Cell Phone showing Hann crying his eyes out and shirtless, being whisked outside of the restaurant in the arm's of his Father. Even Vic was right at Hann's side. They were the same age, so he was seven too when that happened.

Then Sammy thought of something. Why wasn't he wearing his mask?

"What are you looking at?" Hann bit harshly, making Sammy snap to attention. Not even noticing she had been staring at him until he said something about it.

She really didn't even have to look up to him, being five-foot-four and he was about three inches taller than she, maybe four.

Her eyes narrowed on him and shot hateful glances. She was a nice person, but utterly despised it when people tried offending her or acting like a bad-ass, it just got on her nerves. "I don't know. Why don't you look in the mirror and tell me?"

His eyes narrowed on her as well, "And what is that suppose to mean?"

Smiling menacingly to him, "If you can't figure that out, then you shouldn't even be at school."

"Stop it." Principle Victoria snapped, "The both of you better be nice or you'll be having a trip to my office."

Complying to what Principle said, she shut her mouth. But Hann apparently wasn't through yet and completely disrespected her.

"Just for your information," he said, "this was my Father's idea. If it was up to me, I wouldn't even step one foot into this poor, run down, vermin infested school."

Sammy shot back. She may have not liked school that much, but this was her school, she had been coming here since she was five, and he just shot her down and the school? This was not expectable. But before she could retaliate, Principle Victoria stepped in.

"Hann Phizarr Mali." She inserted with soul and every bit of anger.

The sound of her voice alone had Sammy trembling. Even if it wasn't directed toward her, she still hated hearing the Principle in that tone of voice.

"Sammy Lara Kendlewood." The Principle then said afterwards nearly making Sammy yelp, her eyes growing wide with fear and back stiffened. She shot a quick glance of worry to Angela and knew what was coming, she would be wanting the both of them to go into her office.

"In my office, now." That last word she inserted with every bit of anger.

The Principle was the first to step into her office, then Hann, then Vic, "Excuse me, Mr. Mali," she said stopping Vic, "you can wait outside."

Baffled and plain out looking like he didn't know what to do it, he looked to Hann but Hann wasn't even looking at him, he was just staring at the floor with cooped up anger.

Sammy squeezing by Vic, she walked into the office and Principle Victoria closed the door behind them.

"Miss. Kendlewood, I am very disappointed in you. I thought that you would be smarter than that."

Pressing her bag to her, she looked to the floor and ran her shoes along the tan carpeting, now feeling bad for what she did, but more so because she was being put her in the spotlight. "I'm sorry, Principle Victoria."

Principle Victoria propped her butt on the desk and crossed her arms, her face harsh and stern. "I'm not the one you should be saying that to."

Knowing what had to be done, Sammy sucked in her pride and came right out and said it, "I'm sorry I said that to you, Hann." Unlike when Vic had to apologize, hers didn't sound that meaningful, more so the tone of voice. She just wanted to get all this out of the way.

"Mr. Mali, don't you have something to say to Miss. Kendlewood?"

Hann looked to Principle Victoria in question, "Like what?"

Principe Victoria's gaze narrowed him down, "Like apologizing to, Miss. Kendlewood."

"But I didn't do anything. Besides, she's the one who started it."

Sammy's mouth dropped and looked to Hann, disgusted at what she just heard. "Excuse me? You're the one who snapped first."

He looked to Sammy, "But I wasn't the one who was staring. Don't you know it's impolite to stare?"

"Well I'm sorry for staring, I'll be sure never to look at you again."

His face scrunched and shot back at her very bitterly. "Fine."

"Fine." She puffed and looked away from him.

Principle Victoria groaned in annoyance.

Just then, a beep was heard from her desk and Mrs. Ingle voice came over the desk intercom. "Mrs. Victoria." her voice called out, "Mr. Mali, is on line two."

Confused, Sammy wondered who it could have been. Was Vic calling from outside the office?

Hann groaned in a very displeased tone as he brought his hand to his face covering it.

Principle Victoria propped her butt on the desk, leaned over and pressed a button on her phone. "Hello, Mr. Mali." she said from where she sat.

"Hello, Mrs. Victoria," A cracked, man's voice echoed out from the speaker phone. The voice wasn't crystal clear, but it could be heard none the less. "I was calling to see how Hann is doing."

Principle Victoria, frowned and sighed, "I'm afraid not so good. He was called back into my office before he got five feet from the door."

"Oh god." The voice ached is utter gloom and unhappiness then called out Hann's name in a manner where he wanted to be answered back.

His hand dropping from his face, "Yes, Father?" Hann's voice questioned sympathetically in a low tone. His face so pitiful it looked like it was just about going to drop off at any moment.

Sammy's eyes grew wide and almost coughed. The guy on the phone was Hann Mali Sr., Hann's Dad. She was actually hearing Mr. Mali Sr. in person. How cool was that? She even knew why he was calling, and not in person, he was on a business trip, and had been so for a over a week now. However, what didn't make sense was why Hann was attending school so late in the period, it was close to summer, he had all this time to sign up, and he was doing so now?

"Tell me, what did you do?" His Father asked with care.

"I snapped at a girl." Hann poured out with a pitiful sigh.

"And what did I tell you about snapping at people?"

He sighed again, his tone of voice dropping even lower now, "To never snap at people and if I do then apologize."

"And did you apologize?"

Now Hann stayed silent for some moments before finally speaking, his voice barely audible, "No."

"Hann?" His Father question in apparent shock, "You haven't apologized to her yet?"

His stance quivered and hands turning into fists as he yelled loudly in anger and pain. "Why should I have to apologize? Why should I have to apologize for your mistakes?" His voice now cracking and straining, "This was your idea, not mine. You should have been here anyway."

"Son," His Father began to plead softly, "you know I couldn't. You know how busy I am."

Hann then sniffled and wiped a tear away, "I know. I know how busy you can be with everything but me." Then he chuckled in a wicked manner, "It's funny though, how you have all this time for work, but you can't even spend one morning, just a couple of hours with me on my first day of school." And then he shouted at the top of his lungs, "You have all the time in the world to hide from the Yanu family for weeks at a time, but you don't even have the time to drop me off at school!"

Before anything else could be said by anyone, Hann turned around and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him.

Sammy jumping when the door slammed shut and stood there in silent shock.

Principle Victoria looking shocked herself.

"Okay." Sammy said out loud, "that was weird."

This being the first she ever witnessed someone storming out of the Principle's Office like that, and got away with it. It was clear however, the guy had some major issues he needed resolving, most looking between he and his Dad.

She had no idea someone could be so attached to a parent like that. Little kids she expected, but everyone grew out of that, or so she thought. Even she had sometimes wished that her parents would one day gain enough trust in her and would leave the house for a week vacation. She wasn't planning on throwing some big party, she just wanted to have the house all to herself for once. Just one week where she got to do whatever she wanted without the restrictions of parents telling her what time it was, meaning a chore time or when it was time to go to bed.

The third bell ringing brought her back to Earth. Wait a minute, what happened to the second bell? Agitated, she looked to the Principle, waiting for her to be released.

Principle Victoria waved a hand, politely motioning her to leave, "Go on, Miss. Kendlewood."

Not saying anything, she turned and walked to the door.

"Wait," Mr. Mali's voice called out over the phone.

Stopping, she turned back around despite he wasn't actually there in person. "Yes, Mr. Mali?" She questioned, her tone of a voice a little bit shaky, nervous to be talking to such an important, powerful and popular man.

"I want to apologize for my son's actions."

Her heart lifted. He was actually apologizing to her for Hann? Talk about shivaree.

"It is because of me that he turned out this way. The only person he speaks to anymore without anger is Vic. I tried therapy but that made his attitude even worse and no private school would accept him for his disruptive and violent behavior. Public School is my next option in hope that he might open up."

Now she was baffled. Why was he telling her all this to begin with? Didn't he hear the bell, it was time for class?

"Mr. Mali," Principle Victoria came forth, seeing the tension on her young face, "Miss. Kendlewood has classes to attend."

"Yes, of course." He forced quickly. "Miss. Kendlewood, all I'm saying is to just be patient with him, please. If he does become violent then just move away from him or leave. You won't be blamed if you do."

Smiling, now she wanted to help out just because of how nice he treated her. "I can't guarantee anything Mr. Mali," she said, "but I'll do my best." Instead of her words spilling out because it would be something he wanted to hear, it was something she meant because the world was lacking in good single parents like Mr. Mali. She would help out the best she could. She wasn't going to jump off a bridge for him, but it wouldn't hurt to run a couple of red lights.

"Thank you, Miss. Kendlewood." His voice deep, warm and soothing, putting every bit of meaningful feeling into his words.

A banging on the glass door caught her attention nearly making her jump right out of her shoes and turned around to the ruckus.

"Come on, Sammy!" Angela's muffled voice called out from the other side, her dark silhouette against the glass as she banged her fist onto the glass. It wasn't a hard beat, just enough to catch her attention. "Just because you don't want to go to class doesn't mean I have to too." She said.

Just like Angela, as well as Alice, to yearn for classes. If it was up to them, there would be more classes and a longer school day.

She ran for the door and just about screamed. "Sorry, Mr. Mali, I got to go." Opening the door and going through it, she closed it but soon opened it again sticking her head into the room. "Oh, and nice to meet you, sir!" Then slammed the door shut.