Breaking point snapped
Colors turned red
Shivers turned to flames
Whispers turned to screams
Glass strewn along the floor
Explosions against the walls...

Push me
Pull me
Stretch me
Break me
It's what you do best
My limits you seem to test
And now they failed

So now I scream
So now I find myself blinded bloodshot
Objects in my path become dangerous missiles
Launched against the walls of reality
Tearing apart
Falling down completely broken
Shattered just like my stability
I whirl around and scream
Now I'm not what I used to be
You might strike back
Or you may cower instead
But I am outraged
And frankly, I don't care.

My body trembles while
My mind has disintegrated
There is nothing left in my sights except
Reds and blacks
No feeling other than
Trembling violence and flames within
Is it frightening, that split second before
When I go completely still and you see
The spark in my eye explode?

I whirl around again, another missile launched
Another explosion ringing out
Someone comes running
And I scream again
I'm outraged...
Stabbing through spirits with emerald blades
Sending icy shivers with flickers of fire...

I scream it one last time,
I'm outraged
And then I collapse to the floor.
And then the flames are doused in colder tears
And we all shiver from the aftershocks.

I'm outraged…