Past and Future

From the back,
The voices call.
Tear away from the track
For you they want to stall.

Don't look behind
And press yourself ahead.
Don't let time rewind,
And hurt you again instead.

Hear the falling of rain
And see the lighting crack,
Providing clues of pain
Returning if you go back.

Run now. Run away.
Don't let them bring you there.
Hear them try to sway
By saying that they care...

Forward, forward!
Keep the prize in sight!
Know what you're going toward-
The future's always bright.

From the front
The light shines dear.
No more lies so blunt,
For the truth is all so clear.

Don't take a tiny pause
To ask if this is okay.
And this is all because
The past wants you to stay.

Denial is the honest charge
Of past's brutal crime.
Don't miss the clues so large
And end up doing time.

Run now. Run fast!
No more advice you need!
Run away before the last
Warning you never heed...

The past full of wrong,
So go on. Let them die.
The future is forever long,
So go on. Give it a try.