Playing Life

Take the time one day
To walk down any street.
Not surprised, you may
Be at whoever you meet.

Playing life is but a game,
A board with many spaces.
Characters born with similar names
Identified with different faces.

Some people learn to dance.
To laugh and play and sing.
They are the souls who chance
Every single thing.

Then some stay within
Learning to stay in a wall.
On friendship, they won't depend
And finally they fall.

A couple are shades of blue
With eyes upon the ground.
They hide sadness from me and you,
Long, they are never around.

Some play by violent means
Rules of abuse and cheat.
What seems to go unseen
Is their ultimate defeat.

Every day is a rolling die,
A shot to move on ahead.
Everyone has a chance to try
Not to wind up dead.

Lose a turn,
End the game.
Emotions churn,
But it's all the same.

Towards the prize
Everyone makes a run.
Never bothering to realize
What happens when it's done.

Reaching the end of the board
Ends the life of a player.
Tally up all the points scored,
And say farewell in prayer.

And finally we see
Life is but a game.
Nothing else can it be-
There is no other name.