Slowly but surely
Stepped foot within the gates
Looked around the darkness as the
Meadows of flowers spread far and wide
Vibrant colors of lives no more...

He knew something was wrong with her
The green in her eyes was
Darker and colder
But he kept it to himself
He was a skeptic
But he was also a being of fear
So many feelings a living
Human must endure...

She turned to look into his blue spheres
Widened and asking her
Their purpose in this place
She smiled faintly and offered a hand

They began their journey
The darkness a blanket that gave no warmth
A shield that provided no security
Mild air became cold
And deep blue became black in the sky above
Such a wild change...
That worsened with each foot further...

She stopped in front of a crumbling stone
He was of no ability to channel
But he felt it his chest
He tried to get her to step away
While stepping away himself
But instead she touched the stone
And traced the dead name with her fingers

His eyes dilated as her body quivered before him
And a soft, otherworldly laugh pierced
His line of hearing
He wanted to yell in panic but
His throat became strangled by his own fear
She turned and the green of her eyes was
Gone... turned darkened and

Her eyes bore a malevolent stare
But her face drew a picture of terror
And as his eyes darted frantically,
He cowered as the invisible force
Drew itself around him,
Running ghostly fingers along
His neck and throat;
He closed his eyes and winced softly
As the gentle touch felt
And in what little voice escaped
He whispered softly,

The force abandoned the two
Who both were retreating quickly
But the steps chased them down
The gates shut and locked before them
By its own device
She tried to stand tall
He grasped her arm tightly, skepticism
Their eyes widened and breath drew short
As the laugh whispered past
The laugh mocked,
Excite me by tormenting you..."

The next thing they know
They're thrown to the ground
Pinned by invisible weights
Writhing with no results
The air grasping and twisting around them
Binding them in intangible,
Indestructable chains...

Tightening with each movement
Knowing the punishment would cause
Them just to fight it more
The laughter rang out through the air
As they stared blankly, both
Devoid of anything...
Calm insanity reigning...
Lifeless shells of living forces
With darkened eyes
Less and less respiration
Until finally
The eyes roll back and
They are gone...

The laughter echoes across the
Yard, mourning the loss in its twisted
No longer having toys with which to play,
The demonic child returns to sleep...
Releasing grip on the two

They slowly regain life and consciousness
Having an experience that most don't

He looked to her as she smiled faintly
She turned and held him close, whispering,
The very nightmare that makes
Us fear the night -
Makes us fear slumber..."