Would you be jealous if I held his hand?
Would you hurt if he held me in his arms?
Would you cry if I said I loved him?
Would you feel your heart crumble if he kissed me?
Would you be angry if I wore his ring?

I know that I would answer Yes if you
Questioned this to me...

But what would you say?
What would you mark for your answer?
Or are you still Undecided?
I want to answer my questionnaire and
I want to move on...
But we're partners in this assignment
So I must wait...

But would you?
Would this hurt you?
Would your heart shatter?
Would you crumble the way I did,
And would you cry an ocean that would match
The depth of mine?
Would you think I purposely was hurting you
By doing so and then walking away?

It hurt me,
Oh God did it hurt me...
My world crumbled beneath me, as did my knees
I cried streams for hours upon hours
Remembering how you left me there, vulnerable
And wounded -
Struggling to decide if this was
A meditated affair...

You ask me if I still love you.
I check Yes.
You ask me if I'm still there for you.
I check Yes.
But when you ask me if I don't wonder
I have to say No...

You are who I want to love
You are who I want to take his hand into mine
You are who I want to hold in my arms
You are who I want to brush lips with
But this assignment has a time limit
That draws near very quickly...

You gave me homework
Which I've done as best I can and
Intend to do that way...
But he creeps up behind me and distracts me
With soft brown eyes
And a very gentle heart...

So I ask you this...

What hurts you more?
What makes your heart feel more broken?
What makes you want to cry harder?
What makes you angrier?

Losing me of your own decision
Losing me because he moved in?

So ends this questionnaire...