The Final One

She's got all this adrenaline running through her body and she's so hyper and happy that she's got it all figured out until she reaches the house she was looking for. The adrenaline drops noticeably and all of a sudden, she's thinking of rejection and heartbreak.

"Shut up Kristen. Just shut up," she murmurs to herself before killing the engine and opening the door. She takes multiple deep breaths on the way to the door and wants to puke by the time she gets to the door.

She knocks on the door once, twice, three times and when she gets no answer, she remembers what Cameron had once told her – her fists were too tiny to make any noise on the door. So she rings the doorbell instead, hoping that he's not so incapacitated that he can't answer the door. She's nervous and excited and anxious and a little sick all at the same time, and if he doesn't answer the door soon, she's almost afraid she's going to back out. She's still not hearing any footsteps to the door so she sighs and takes a seat on the front porch step.

It's then that she realizes that she's still wearing "Emily" clothes, meaning that she forgot to drop by the wardrobe trailer to return the clothes. She shrugs it off, telling herself she'll return it before they wrap for the day. Besides, today's outfit was jeans, an old t-shirt and a pair of black converse, so really she had nothing to complain about.

She sighs and accepts the fact that he's just not home, and is about to stand up and go away when footsteps come into her line of vision. She looks up and there Cameron is in all his injured glory, wearing a t-shirt and some shorts, and other than the brace on his knee, looks almost exactly how he did before… it… all happened.

"Kristen," he says, a little shocked.

"Hey," she says softly. "I heard about your injury and I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

He raises an eyebrow and he nods. "You could have called instead."

"Yeah, well. I also wanted…" she trails off and he's looking at her expectantly for an explanation and that was the least she could do. So she takes a deep breath and lets it all out. "I wanted to say I'm sorry. For everything. For breaking it off, for being scared, for pushing you away, for not being able to accept this." It's then that she can't continue on and she has to stop herself to let more than a few tears escape and she's doing her best to wipe them away but she can't and it's all frustrating because he hasn't said a word or moved a muscle and she wants to explain, explain everything but now she can't because she's crying too much.

"Kris…" he says, and it just makes Kristen sob a little harder at the soft tone he uses when he says her name.

"I missed you," is what she manages to get out before she's completely gone. She takes a seat back on the porch step and buries her head in her hands, letting it all out. She hears footsteps and feels Cameron sit next to her and put his arm around her and gently guides her head to his lap. He gently rubs his hand up and down her arm and makes soft shushing noises in her ear.

"I missed you too." He says softly, but with conviction and once Kristen feels her crying come to an end, she wipes the remnants of tears from her face and looks at him. She studies the face she didn't know she missed so damn much and curses her own stupidity for giving this up.

"You want to come inside? We'll probably bake out here," he says, gesturing towards the August sun and Kristen agrees. She gets up, and with some help from her, he gets up as well. She follows his lead and he leads them both to the couch where they sit at opposite ends but face each other.

"So what brought up all this?" he asks, looking at her with a genuinely inquisitive look.

"Ashley, actually, just helped me realized that I was just being so… stupid." She looks at him and she's grateful that he's still listening. "I wasn't being fair to you or to us at all. I didn't give us the chance we deserved and that's all my doing and I know that." She pauses again, gathering her thoughts once more. "I just… I wanted you to be with someone that could always be there for you and do more for you than I ever could. You're a great guy and you deserve - "

"Kristen, don't give me that, okay? All I ever wanted in this life was baseball and then you came along. I had you then I didn't have you, and all of a sudden baseball couldn't fill that void by itself." He watches her take this all in and he takes a deep breath and asks a question.

"Do you want me to be happy Kristen?"

Kristen's a little taken aback, he can tell, and she knits her eyebrows together before nodding slowly. "Yeah, of course."

"Do you want to know what will make me happy, Kristen?"

Again, a confused look dances across her face before she nods again.

"I want you." The look on her face is priceless and Cameron can't help but let a grin come out and make its way onto his face. He holds his arms out and she makes her way into them and buries her face in his neck for a few moments before leaning back and kissing him on the lips for the first time in too long. He tastes like peppermint and chocolate, sweet and fresh and she finds herself falling freely.

He pulls back and looks into her blue eyes.

"You know this won't be easy, right?"

Kristen nods. "But nothing in this life that's worth having comes easy."

Cameron grins. "I like your answer," he says before claiming her mouth as his territory and starting anew.

Author's Note: And that's it. There was going to be an epilogue of sorts set a year or so into the future, but I like where this finishes. So, I hope you enjoyed their story as much as I did writing it. :) Thanks for the reviews and everything. I don't plan on posting anything here soon; I usually only post things that are complete, and everything in my head is just incomplete and in progress at the moment, but you never know. :)