Here's a room
Made small by the dark
With a glassed opening on one side
And peering into the outside abyss
Is her.

The trees wave at her
Passing secrets in her face...
The sky sympathizes and is gray
A reflection of the clouds in her eyes
She swallows the tears in her throat
While a shivering breeze trembles from her
She turns from the mirror
And steps outside.

Mild atmosphere provides a blanket
Hanging heavy, miserable,
Another shawl on her shoulders...
The trees whisper again
Still inaudible to her
And she looks up.
She blinks as the sky explodes in a flash of light
Her heart breaks as the thunder screams
She holds out a hand...
One single crystal drop graces her palm.
And she looks up.

The sky can bear no more
And weeps to provide her a companion
The sky's dam bursts...
The rain begins to pour...
Clinging to her as she cups her quivering hands
To catch her friends
As they all pool together in a tiny pond
Of broken bodies -
Of lost dreams and what once was...

The clouds in her eyes grow darker and misty still
Watching the spirits of the deceased
That have gathered in her hand...
"They were once separate," she speaks softly,
"And now they are one body again.
One lonely body.
Is this me?"
The pond overflows in her hands...

It rains again.
Her eyes begin to rain.
Mixing with the sky's tears
Further proof of one girl's loneliness -
Proof that one person has gone

Shimmering orbs that grow cloudy and rain...
It's been said that eyes rain more heavily than
The worst thundershower...