Red Rainstorm

A sunny day
Shines out the window
Yet in my eyes,
I see but rain.
A stream of crimson,
Bold and hard,
Pouring from the darkened clouds.
Today is the day,
I hear myself say,
From the window, I turn away.

No matter where I turn,
I see the red rainstorm.
No matter how I shield myself,
I feel the cold warmth on my skin.

On the ground, I see the blade...
On the ground, I see you lay...
Can't run away,
I just can't run away.
The red rainstorm falls heavy
Weighing me to the ground.

Heaving and shuddering,
Breathing becomes labored,
The green in my eyes become black.
It's written on my face,
The story of loss,
But the rain will not bring you back.

I see it in my sleep,
The dreams of the night haunt me so.
Of possibilities that were
Impossible, I know,
Yet plague me.

In the red rainstorm,
I see what I wished could be
The future of the long past
That used to exist.

The porch in the summer
The vegetables we prepared.
The energy you had,
The memories we shared.

You may be gone to earth,
But in my heart you remain.
But the memories are painful,
Seeing them through red rain.